Does Excessive Sweating Help To Burn Fat?

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Many times we find obese feeling happy seeing themselves sweat and if you ask them , they say that sweating will help them burn fat but is it true? There are many cases where we find them sweat on daily basis but variation in weight isn't that visible. Today, we will discuss on whether sweat can reduce or burn fat. Take a look.

If you ask some, they say that it is the water weight that gets reduced through stress. Many athletes do a lot of heavy exercises wearing sweat suits and saunas to get rid of weight quickly. Some even lose 20 pounds in 2 days, all of it is nothing but water. Sweating only helps in regulating body temperature and forcing body to slim down may lead to internal overheating that can affect health badly.

Many are into the wrong idea that fat burning is calorie burning which actually has very little connection. Under calorie burning, you will not be bothering on whether the calorie that is lost is fat or carbohydrate where both have equal stakes in adding on to weight. May be the body fat is burnt but the results may not be that big to slim.

Is It Bad To Wear A Sweat/ Plastic Suit To Gym – Plastic suits may make you sweat profusely but that may not be very healthy. The suit clogs pores and evaporation which leads to increase in body heat and affect health so it is not a good idea to wear this type of suit for jog.

Sweating does burn fat but not to the extent you can imagine. It is water loss or not fat loss while increase heart rate can burn your calories that is stored as fat. If you are seating during cardio vascular exercises then it is definitely a sign of slimming.

Perspiration is definitely important as it puts out all the toxins in the body and keeps cool. It is a natural cooling mechanism of the body.

Which is why sauna belts do not work on some people as their weight gain may not be water weight but fat or calorie gain. Drink more water as perspiration is more important for any body condition.

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Story first published: Monday, February 20, 2012, 12:05 [IST]
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