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How Periods Effect You...

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Menstruation is something that every woman faces for many years in her fertile stage. There are many changes that a menstrual cycle brings in the life of a woman. From physical to mental changes, a woman faces it all. But, there are few temporary changes that one can witness when a woman is menstruating. Yes! Periods have few side effects on a woman. What are these? Check out...

Side Effects Periods

Side effects of menstrual periods:

Mood swings: When a woman is menstruating, changes in the mood is quiet obvious. The three heavy bleeding days are the most annoying days for a woman. It is when menstrual cramps almost kills you and the wet genitals irritate you. Flip of mood is nothing unusual. These mood swings can damage your relationship with others or in worst cases, spoil your day completely.

Acne: Acne burst out is one of the most common skin problems that women face. A week before menstruating, many woman get acne or big painful pimples on their face. This outburst is considered as a sign of the upcoming menstrual cycle. The acne or pimple is due to the heat in the body that increases before a woman starts getting menstrual periods.

Lack of interest: As you are menstruating, mood swings are taking its toll over you. You will not be interested to eat and nothing would tempt you. Even if you shop to the extreme or sleep like a baby, you will still lack interest and feel frustrated. This lack of interest for few days can make you suffer later on. For example, wearing improper clothes, not caring for your skin and hair are few common side effects that women face during her menstrual periods.

Bad voice: According to many studies, the voice of a woman changes when she is menstruating. It states that voice of women were recorded both during and after menstruation. When replayed, it was found that the voice of a woman changes when she is menstruating. The quality, modulation and pitch is low when compared to the normal days!

Genital infections: On this time, a woman is more susceptible to infections in her genital areas. Sanitary napkins can have side effects too. So, maintaining genital hygiene is very important. Change the sanitary napkin after every 6 hours. If you use a sanitary pad for long, it might develop a strong pungent odour that might be a big turn off. Also, sanitary napkins are home for bacteria. So, change and wash your genitals as much as possible.

These are few common side effects of menstrual periods that affect women. Although temporary, these side effects can be really annoying to deal with!

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