Does Sauna Help To Slim & Burn Calories?

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Nowadays, there is a new trend on television. Half nude women pose in different angles with a broad blue coloured belts and if you stare a little you will find a long text that reads “Sauna Slimming Belt". They are quite reasonable and the anchor promises a slim and trim body within a week's time.

The sauna belts have a good market but most of them do not opt to buy it again as they say it doesn't work. Today, we are going on the pros and cons of sauna slimming. Take a look.

Sauna actually refers to a place or a room designed for wet and steam sessions. The participants sit or recline at 70 °C which will result in relaxation as well as sweating. There are two types of saunas called conventional and infrared saunas.

Many sauna companies state that few minutes (20 to 30 minutes) of steam bath will burn calories and help you get slim. People always look for easier ways to slim and make decision to go for sauna baths. The belts are promoted even more extensively stating that they can be put on the fatty region and tone those muscles.

Does Sauna Work? - Facts

  1. Sauna results in profusive sweating. This means that weight gain due to water can be burnt down but calories such as fats or carbs will still remain as same.
  2. Sauna slimming or calorie burning is not as same as the calorie burning during exercise. It doesn't result in muscle building or toning, no fat shedding, no after burn which are important to get rid of excess fat permanently. There are all chances of the calories coming back through unhealthy diets and lazy habits.
  3. Sauna has no impact on the heart rate but the elevated heart rate is one of the easier ways to burn calories. If there isn't any variation then it is simple goof-up to fool people who are desperate to slim.
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Story first published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 13:09 [IST]
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