Which Is Worse: Tap Or Bottled Water?

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Before taking a sip into a glass of drinking water you must have pondered many times about it's safety? It has become more of a status trademark not to drink tap water and prefer bottled water instead. But recently there has been a buzzing question about the facts of bottled water. Mineral water companies spend huge money in convincing people that bottled water is actually the right source of safe drinking. But should we really be convinced by these facts? In reality it is much better to have tap water than bottled water. Let us find out why.

Plastic A Threat- The plastic bottles used for bottling water can pose a serious threat to your health. The plastic molecules leach harmful chemicals to the water stored in it. One of them is chemical phthalate that is used to soften bottles. The consumption of this chemical can lead to reproductive disorders, liver problems and even cancer. This chemical leaching increases when you keep the plastic bottles in heat.

Safe Drinking Water

On the other hand tap water is ground water tapped by the government sources and supplied by waterlines to different places. The possibility of chemical leaching in water is almost null here. The only possibility of contamination is through a leakage in pipes. This is also very rare as in such cases the government authorities get to repair those loop holes from time to time.

You Never Know- How do you know whether tap water is good or bottled water? Most people would say at one go that bottled water is safer. But it is not so. We are not talking of all but you never know whether the water in bottles have been purified enough before releasing them into the public domain for consumption. You will never get to know the facts about the bottled water. Many of them use tap water as their source.

It's always better to have tap water directly from it's source as there is at least no scope for chemical pollutants getting mixed in it's source. And at the same time it will save you money that you would otherwise waste on bottled water packages.

Carbon Contents- Most of the bottled water has a larger quantity of carbon footprints in it. The consumption of this water may lead to many health problems. People who consume a lot of bottled water are at increased risk of stomach, heart and lung problems. It also increases the chances of cancer.

But there is no possibility of the presence of carbon pollutants in tap water. It can thus be categorised as safe drinking water in this aspect.

So we see that both tap and bottled water have their own merits and demerits. But it's always better to choose tap water over bottled water as the chances of chemical contamination is much less here.

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