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The Health Hazards Of A Pot Belly

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Do you think that your pot belly only makes you look older than you are? Think again, you are missing the main implications of having a huge inflated belly. Most of us complain that we are unable to do anything for our slight pot belly because we have no time to do proper ab-crunches. So our bellies grow uninterrupted for years until they grow big enough to cause health hazards.

A pot belly is not just a disaster for your looks but also a disaster for your health. Here are some of the worst health hazards associated with belly fat.

Pot Belly

1. Unfit Body: When you have a huge belly then it obviously means that you are not doing any regular exercise. Moving around with your bulk is difficult and thus, your movements become slow and sluggish.

2. High Cholesterol: A slim body with lots of fats deposited on the belly is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. It means that you are not fat by nature but unhealthy lifestyle has made you pot bellied. It also signifies that your cholesterol levels must be checked immediately because your fat metabolism is slow or has slowed down.

3. Beer Belly: A pot belly is sometimes also called a 'beer belly'. This because drinking too much beer or alcohol increases belly fat. Other than that, you need to watch out for signs of a damaged liver (if you are a regular drinker).

4. Rising Hypertension: One of the major problems of obesity is that it makes you prone to hypertension. Our modern lives are stressful enough. On top of that, if you have fat deposits in your heart, then your blood pressure is bound to rise.

5. The Curse Of Infertility: Having excess fat around your belly makes both men and women prone to infertility. Among women it can result to poly-cystic ovaries or fat deposition around the uterus. Among men, excess body fats raise the body temperature to such an extent that the sperm count reduces drastically.

6. The Belly To Madness: Some recent scientific studies have traced mental disorders like dementia and Alzheimer's due to pot belly. It is has been seen by sample research that people who develop a round belly in their middle ages are at risk of developing mental disorders too. So you can literally go 'mad' due to your dancing belly.

Lose belly fat has many more health hazards. Does that convince you enough to get rid of your pot bellies?

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