These Signs Indicate That You Are Overstressed

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Most of us professionals go through our work schedules without the slightest intuition that we are grossly overstressed. There are a few common signs of stress at the workplace that we tend to ignore.

It is not possible to fully understand the effects of stress on health until and unless you actually face serious consequences.

Amidst work pressure and meeting the deadlines, you are so engrossed in your work that you forget to eat and take proper rest.

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You tend to cut down on your sleep and stretch your working hours. This can be actually taxing on your health if continued for long.

Fatigue symptoms are very easy to overlook because it deceptively resembles the symptoms of normal tiredness. Meanwhile, if you feel too stressed out then there are few foods that will help in reducing stress. Click here.

But if you have been working too much for your own good then you need to identify the signals of your own body.

Here are some simple ways in which you can detect that you are overstressed. Getting the right treatment for stress is very important to prevent any serious complications in future.

Signs That You Are Overstressed:


1. Sleeplessness:

It is one of the first signs of stress and like all other signs it takes its toll on your health. If you cannot sleep then how can you eliminate stress from your health routine? Either you are too busy planning work for your next day or worried about the work you could not finish today.


2. Memory Loss:

You will notice that being overworked is taking a toll on your memory. There will be incidental lapses in your memory when you will not be able to remember what you have been doing at a stretch or an important task will just slip your mind completely. It is a signal from your brain that it can't take the information overload.


3. Uncharacteristic Carelessness:

Some people are careless by nature but if you are not one of them then this sign of stress on your health will be obvious. You will do things out of character like leaving the front door open or losing important documents because your mind is not alert.


4. Digestive Problems:

When you work without sparing a thought for the clock, your entire body clock goes for a toss. You will soon see that you are not able to digest anything that you eat. It will result in a fear to eat even your most favourite dishes!


5. Low Appetite With Food Cravings:

You may have a low appetite for food in general but it is normal to experience cravings for all kinds of unhealthy foods like chips and sweets when you are stressed out. It is the body's way of having things that are good for the mood to deal with your irritability.


6. Bad Love Life:

When you make love, endorphins are released in your body that help make you happy. But as the symptoms of fatigue start showing you will either be too tired or too tense to make love. It takes a toll on your love life.


7. Fluctuating Blood Pressure:

When you are anxiety stricken, there are major fluctuations in your blood pressure. Sometimes you are low in the doldrums and when you are angry your blood pressure shoots up. Use these good health tips to recognise the signs of being overworked.


8. Headache:

Stress causes tension in the muscles around your head, face, shoulders and neck. This is why you tend to get a headache and most of the times we just pop in painkillers to get rid of it.


9. Allergies:

If you are under tremendous stress the stress hormones lead to the production of a blood protein. This in turn causes allergic reactions.


10. Period Pain:

There is a direct relation between stress and the hormones. The moment you start having stress, the hormones get affected. This affects the menstrual cycle and also causes serious period pain.

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