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Mental Health Issues Resolved By Stars?

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Mental Health Issues
Why do different people have different opinion about life and why some of them enjoy adventures or thrill in life whereas some like stereo typed lifestyles? Are you aware of the reason why some individuals perform better when it comes to stress management; whereas, some people buckle down under stress?

To arrive at a particular conclusion is quite a long and tedious process as every analysis has a tag ‘subject to further investigation’. But, our expert panel of Vedic Astrologers has answers for the above questions. Let us analyze how planetary positions compels a person to behave in different manners under the same circumstances affecting their mental health issues.

In a horoscope, Lord Moon is the significator of mind and its strength and weakness reflects the state of one’s mind relating to mental health issues. A person may feel lonely and melancholic when Moon occupies the sign of Saturn or when Moon is ill-placed. Sometimes, one may feel depressed without any reason and unable to so stress management, which may be due to the influence of Saturn on Moon and Rahu.

Unafflicted Lagna and the sign Aries bestows sound mental health to a person. Unknown phobias may be due to the placement of Moon in close association with Rahu de-stablising effect on mental health issues. An individual may become suddenly violent and aggressive when Moon is in conjunction with Rahu and Mars making planetary positions unfavourable. Do you want to get your free ‘Mind and Emotional Report’?

Are you blessed with good fascination, thinking, logic and wisdom? No doubt, Jupiter, the significator of maturity and wisdom is in favor for you. Also, the 5th house and its Lord are unafflicted and are under beneficial influence making your mental health issues harmonious. It is also noted that when Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are strong and well-placed, the individual will have a sound mind and healthy reasoning. You can also strengthen the planets if they are weakly placed.

How Can We Strengthen Weak Planets In Horoscope?

Astrology not only tells us in advance the possible diseases we may be prone to, but also suggests preventive measures before the problem sets in. thsu mental health issues too can be predicted din your horoscope for health. An Astrologer, by proper analysis of our horoscope, can suggest suitable remedy according to the placement of the planets.

Appeasing and prostrating Moon by praying and performing Birth star pooja would also help to prevent onset of any mental disturbances. So are you all set to access the short cuts to make your mind health strong and do better stress management?

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Story first published: Monday, March 26, 2012, 10:24 [IST]
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