Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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Laughter is the best medicine to many health issues and psychological problems. Mirth or in simple words, laughter, not only reduces stress and pain but also boosts our energy levels. It promotes happiness and bonding among people. A laugh can some times solve many issues. It can actually trigger a healthy living among us. You must have sometimes observed people laughing together in groups at a park, and you wondered, “What are these people actually doing?” Well, that is actually a laughing club where people laugh in groups under the fresh air. It promotes happiness and bonding among people. Let us peep into a few health benefits of laughter and how the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”, stands out to be true.

Health Benefits Of Laughter

Boosts Immune System: Doctors and health care professionals say that laughter boosts our immune system. It does so by reducing the production of stress hormones in our body. Moments of laughter relaxes our body and releases only positive emotions which we receive directly from our immune system. Positive emotions suppress stress and refreshes the mind, thus keeping you active whole day.

Blood Vessels Function Better: It causes the inner lining of our blood vessels to expand resulting in a better flow of blood in the body. It aids in an abundant blood flow thus keeping both our heart and blood vessels healthy and active. 10-15 minutes of laughter per day reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Oxygenates Body: When we laugh, we take in a lot of oxygen at one go and this process is repeated several times in the course of laughter. Inhaling oxygen kills bacteria and parasites in the mouth, throat and abdomen because they cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. It also reduces the chances of cancer as the germs of it cannot survive in the presence of oxygen.

Produces Healthy Body Chemicals: Laughter triggers the production of healthy biochemicals like serotonin and interleukin's in our body which if purchased from the market can cost thousands of rupees. These biochemicals help in curing various chronic disorders and diseases.

Psychological Effect:
Laughter is one popular therapy that helps in maintaining a healthy relationship. It sends out a social signal of love, bonding and friendship. It brings jovial people together and creates a positive atmosphere.

Some of the best ways of stimulating laughter is by watching comedy TV shows, movies, by tickling or cracking jokes at each other. Laughter is a powerful antidote to many diseases. It heals, renews and brings our body back to balance. So, whenever you feel like laughing, laugh your heart out and stay healthy.

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