5 Heart Healthy Food For V-day!!

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Today, you can feel the heart beat of your partner and listen to what it says. May be it is asking for healthy diet that can keep it going forever. Heart healthy diet should be the plan for valentines day as that is what can keep you and your partner together for life. Take a look at 5 best diet foods for cardiovascular health.

As his wife/girlfriend, you need to get specific about his diet. Unhealthy starters, party snacks, fatty foods need to be avoided on the occasion. Here are some heart healthy alternatives.

Top 5 Heart Healthy Diet Foods For Valentines Day

1. Fruit, Legume & Vegetable Salads, Juices & Tea – Prepare some tangy salads, fruit drinks, herbal teas (such as hibiscus & green tea) whenever hungry. Convince him to have a valentine day party at home and prepare a heart healthy dinner. Make your candle light colourful and bright with vegetables, berries and herbs. Keep the cooking simple and sumptuous.

2. Roasted Nuts & Seeds – Almonds, peanuts and flaxseeds are heart healthy nuts. They can be roasted dry and had in between meals. The sunflower seed oil is safer than other oils so use the refined version to maintain the cardiovascular health.

3. Whole Grain Supplements – For breakfast and lunch, the whole grain supplements are filling and nutritious. Multigrain produucts such as biscuits, wheat breads, roti, ragi, jowar, bajra, pasta, brown rice are best maincourse diet food.

4. Soy Products – Soy supplements contain isoflavones which prevent heart attacks by improving cholesterol profile and unclogging the arteries. Tofus, soy milk are best heart healthy foods to begin the day.

5. Fish & Dairy Products – Salmon and tuna are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Milk, yogurt, low fat paneer contain optimum calcium that will control fat accumulation in the body. Delicious flavoured yogurt or chocolate soy milk can refresh and control hunger pangs of your partner.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 13:06 [IST]
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