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Healthy Ways To Snack In Office

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It is not easy to pick healthy snacks. No matter how many times diet experts say that it is easy to eat healthy, you know from experience that it is not true. Keep deep fried and crisp samosas on one side and sprouts on the other; which way does the balance tip? As they say, whatever we like is either too expensive, or unhealthy or married to someone else!

But when it comes to eating snacks in office, it is imperative that you choose healthy snacks. Heavy day time snacks will only make you lazy and affect your work performance. So to be wiser about the way you snack in office, try some of these healthy snack ideas.

Office Snacks

Healthy Ways To Snack In Office

Sharing Is Caring: Learn to share your snacks with your team mates and colleagues. This is a good virtue for building camaraderie in the team and have a vibrant work culture. But from the health perspective, it allows you to have small amount of your snacks because you are sharing it with others! A plum cake, for example, is not an unhealthy snack by itself. It gives you energy and fruit nutrients. But if you devour it all by yourself, then it will lead to weight gain.

Learn To Say No: The reverse side of this concept is also true. Suppose you are trying very hard to eat healthy but your colleagues keeps eating heavy deep fried snacks and offering you the same. Now you can either take minuscule helpings of the snacks being offered to you or learn to say no without hurting his/her feelings.

No Munching: Day time snacks are usually eaten in between meals. However, there must be a fixed time even for these healthy snacks. Most of us feel very hungry in the mid morning time between 11 to 11.30 am. Also, the time period between 4 to 4.30 pm is hard on our growling stomachs. Have a fixed time for eating snacks. Avoid munching subconsciously while you work because in that way you never know how much you are eating.

Nothing Like Home Food: Most people bring lunch from home but buy snacks from their office canteen or other eateries outside their work place. This is a malpractice that leads to weight gain. Try to pack your snacks from home. This gives you the options of having healthy snacks like raw vegetables, fibre biscuits and sandwiches instead of pakoras and pizzas.

These are some smart ways to eat snacks that are healthy and enriching. Have you tried any other way to eat healthy at work?

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