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12 Foods That Are Best When Boiled

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Are you really excited by the prospect of having boiled vegetables for dinner? Not really. Boiled foods are not really termed as delicious. However, some of the most fundamental foods that we eat are boiled. For example rice, pasta and potatoes are some of the boiled foods that we just cannot do without. The examples above are foods that can be cooked only by boiling.

Apart from these basic boiled foods, there are other foods than can be healthy when boiled like chicken, eggs and fish. Now it is not like there is no other way to cook chicken other than boiling it. However, boiled chicken is an important ingredient in several gourmet recipes. Boiled vegetables and eggs are also our favourite dishes for breakfast.

If you want to eat healthy, then boiled foods are the best option for you. Boiling is a method of cooking that helps you preserve the maximum amount of nutritional value in an ingredient. Frying can destroy the nutrients present inside the food. But, a mild blanching or boiling keeps your food nutritious. Moreover, boiled foods are obviously less fattening when compared to fried or grilled ones.

The best part is that boiled foods do not have to be dull to eat; they can be made delicious. Here are some of the foods that you can boil and also read the secret tips to make them delicious.



Boiled potatoes are mainly used for preparing mashed potatoes. Add a spoonful of freshly crushed garlic to make it aromatically flavoured.



Hard boiled eggs are the best companions for bread. Soft boiled eggs are for gym goers and fitness freaks. Add a pinch of pepper to make your eggs more delicious and healthy.



No matter how innovative your noodles or pasta recipe is, you must boil the noodles first. Toss the boiled noodles or pasta with olive oil to ensure that it doesn't stick together.



Whenever you boil chicken, just make sure that you don't overcook it. Boil it with little water and use the chicken stock to make soup.


Green Beans

It is not feasible to eat raw beans. Boil the beans and toss them with a sauce of your choice.



Pulses like dals, kidney beans, grams etc have to be boiled with water and spices to be edible.



It is a healthy practice to boil rice with excess of water and drain away it after the rice is boiled. In this way, most of the starch from the rice gets washed away.



Prawns or any other seafood is most nutritious when it is boiled. Heat destroys the delicate sea minerals that are there in these foods. Add boiled prawns to curries, soups or salads to enjoy their benefits.



You must never boil sweet corn. But the mature variety of corn cobs can be boiled and enjoyed with salt and pepper.



Broccoli and all other cruciferous vegetables need to be boiled before eating. But the vegetable requires very little boiling so you can add them while you are brewing a soup.


Red Meat

Red meat is already fattening. You can save a lot calories if you skip frying red meat and boil it instead.



Not all green leafy vegetables need boiling but spinach does. Some of the other greens that you can boil are mustard greens, feneugreek leaves and kale.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 20, 2012, 18:40 [IST]
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