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Foods To Increase Appetite

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Most of us try to control our weight by eating less instead od eating healthy foods. Over a period of time, we get used to eating less and stop losing weight as our body metabolism rate slows down. But, what this unhealthy habit leaves us with is a poor appetite. We do not feel like eating and eat little but still put on weight. Loss of appetite also happens when we are recovering from a major illness.

Either way we need to increase our appetite to normally acceptable levels. Some foods can increase your appetite easily. Plan your meal so that it includes some of these foods.

Foods For Appetite

Foods To Increase Appetite:

Garnished Foods: Many scientific researches have validated the fact that better looking foods help to increase appetite. If the look and feel of the food attracts you, then you will most certainly want to eat it. So, foods that are deliciously garnished or well presented will make a person feel hungry and crave for it.

Foods That Smell Good: Broccoli is extremely healthy but it is very difficult to get attracted to it the way you get attracted to a plate full of kebabs. Smell is an all-factory sense that dominates the way we eat food. Foods for appetite more often than not have very delicious smells. That is why you can smell a Shawarma Roll roasting from half a block away and feel hungry. But foods like green vegetables have no smell so they fail to impress us. So try make the food smell good by adding sauces and toppings. You could cook broccoli in mushroom sauce to make it smell interesting.

Fresh Food: A cinnamon flavoured buttered bun will most probably attract you more than a bread that is 3 days old. Stale food fails to appeal to your senses even if its nutritional value is not substantially reduced. Always try to eat fresh foods to increase appetite. They are better from the nutrition perspective too.

Red Coloured Foods: According to Feng Shui, colour affects your appetite to a great extent. You might have noticed that most fast food chains, have red as an element of their logo colours. This psychological trigger works in strange ways. We are not suggesting that you eat trans-fats filled fast foods to increase your appetite. Be smart and use the theory in a healthy way. Add tomatoes, red bell peppers, red coloured chillies and saffron to make your food as 'red' as possible. Watermelon juice is a good idea to replace your evening tea or coffee.

These are some types of foods that you must try when you have loss of appetite. What else do you do when you don't feel hungry?

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