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It is advised to have dinner 304 hours before going to bed. It is natural to feel little hungry before you crash. Bedtime or midnight snacks should be healthy and low in fat. This makes up a proper diet and is filling too! As soon as you open the refrigerator door, you don't find something good or fresh. Therefore, here are few foods you should always have in your refrigerator.

5 foods: Must have in the refrigerator:

Fruits: Apples, papayas, strawberries or grapes are healthy and nutritious fruits which can be stored in refrigerator. These are good for dieters also as these fruits burn body fat and helps lose weight. You can easily have these fruits when lazy or in a hurry to go out.

Vegetables: Few vegetables such as carrots or tomatoes are filling and tasty food which can be stored in refrigerator. These are a must have foods which are nutritious and free from calories. Tomatoes are effective to burn body fat. So, lose weight by having healthy bedtime or midnight snack.

Skimmed milk is a savior when you fall short of food. Milk is rich in calcium and skimmed milk is free from calories. To maintain a proper diet, have skimmed milk with fruits any time of the day!

Yogurt: This dairy product can be used to prepare a salad or healthy drink. When you run late for office or college, just have skimmed yogurt with little salt or sugar. Flavoured yogurt is another healthy alternative for a delicious treat!

Lemon: The refrigerator should always have lemon. It not only burns fat but can be used to add a different taste to your food. You can either add few drops in a salad or have lemon juice. Easy to prepare and filling drink for a midnight snack!

Every refrigerator should have these 5 healthy and nutritious foods.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 14:45 [IST]
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