What's Making You Fatigued?

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There are many times when you feel tired and not in a mood to do anything. And quite strangely you always attribute your tiredness to your lifestyle. There is although no denial of the fact that the modern hectic lifestyle is definitely one of the causes of fatigue. But, other than this there are several other contributors also.

Extreme fatigue has many more health hazards. You can get nausea, headache etc. And at the same time fatigue can also be a symptom of many more diseases. It may just be warning to you of the upcoming health problems. For example if you have thyroid, Aids, anaemia etc, then they can be one of the causes behind your fatigue.

What's Making You Fatigued?

Many a times it so happens that while sleeping, your throat chokes and you get up. This choking spoils your sleep. Due to this you have an improper sleep and finally you wake up fatigued. And moreover if you are a somnambulist nor somliloquist, then too you cannot have a good night's sleep and, that is one of the major causes of fatigue.

Depression and stress are also some of the major causes for fatigue. If you remain mentally stressed then that causes extreme fatigue. Improper food habits, chronic pain are some of the other causes behind fatigue. To lead a healthy lifestyle you need to ditch all of them and make some necessary amendments. Hit upon this checklist to find out what can be the possible causes behind fatigue.

Sleep- An improper sleep is one of the causes of fatigue. If your body does not get to relax for at least 6-8 hours then it causes fatigue.

Diseases- If you are having extreme fatigue and you really cannot analyze the reasons behind it then that may be a symptom of diseases like anemia, thyroid, Aids etc.

Lifestyle- The modern lifestyle is so hectic that one has to work for 8-9 hours. They also have to travel a lot for work and other purposes. This leaves them fatigued.

Psychological Reasons- If a person has psychological problems like depression and stress then that too has fatiguing effects.

Food- You need to have enough food that fulfills your energy requirement for the day. But, in order to lower the body weight and maintain a slim figure, most of us ditch good quality and nutritious food and this improper nutritional supplement leads to fatigue.

Metabolic Disorders- Improper bowel movement, kidney diseases etc are some of the most disturbing ailments that makes one fatigued.

Obesity- Obese people are more likely to suffer from fatigue than the thinner people. So, your weight could also be one of the reasons behind fatigue.

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Story first published: Friday, October 19, 2012, 10:21 [IST]
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