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7 Foods To Avoid Before Traveling

When you plan a trip you get very excited. The level of excitement and adrenaline takes you so high that you do not bother about your diet. What you eat before traveling has a lot of impact on your overall health and mood.

Travel jitters and anxiety can make you feel low before traveling. Thus, make sure you do not overload yourself before taking off. If you are traveling by train, flight, car or bus, look at what you are eating. This is because munching some foods can cause minor health problems like gas or bloating. In few cases, there are some foods that can spoil your mood too! So, keep a check on what you eat before traveling.

If you are traveling by train, you should be more cautious as the journey is long and if your stomach is not supportive, your travel time will be a big mess. If you are flying, you need to keep a close check on what you eat as jet bloat makes a traveler feel suffocated and uneasy. Similarly, driving a car non-stop and smelling the petrol can make you feel uneasy. So, here are few foods that you must avoid before traveling. Exclude them from your diet even if they are healthy. Just eat light and carry lots of healthy fluids like water or fruit juice.

6 foods you must avoid before traveling:


Cheesy bites

Grated cheese on snacks can tempt you. But, cheese causes gas as it is hard to digest. That is why, after having a cheese filled snack or meal, you will feel heavy for a long time.


Fried foods

Burgers or fried snacks are the best options for travelers. However, the fast foods are hard to digest. Having a cheesy hamburger will keep you full but can cause gastric problems and also increase body weight!


Soft drinks

If you think that soft drinks can give relief from jet or traveling jitters then you are wrong. Carbonated beverages like soda and cold drinks cause gastric problems and also causes mouth odour.


Artificial sweeteners

Although candies and chewing gums make you feel better, the artificial sweeteners in these candies can be harmful for your teeth. Chewing gums allows more air to enter inside the mouth thus causing gas.


Spicy foods

Hogging on spicy gravies can be hard on your stomach. Many travelers suffer from an upset stomach while traveling. So, eat simple and light food, not something spicy.



Avoid eating starchy foods like noodles and pasta. The starchy foods are hard to digest and cause bloating and gas. If you are traveling, avoid these lip-smacking dishes.



Carbonated alcoholic drinks like beer, soda and champagne can cause bloating. So, avoid raising a toast before traveling.

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