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Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Winter Weight Gain
It's winters, time for fun, frolic and food. Though these three factors do contribute to winter weight gain the main reason is winter laziness. The cold wind, holiday mood and delicious food keeps all the exercise and workout at bay. This leads to weight gain and by the end of winter we all own a pot belly to yourself. The main reason of winter weight gain is also low metabolism.

Here are ways to avoid winter weight gain -

1.Winter Activity – Rather than snuggling up in your blanket, get into some winter activities like skiing, ice polo, ice skating etc. Legs burn calories most effectively, thus, concentrate on more of leg workout. Even if you get into such activities for an hour in a day, you can prevent yourself from gaining extra weight. Stay occupied in household activities, play indoor games. The more active you are, the more your metabolism will be high.

2.Avoid Junk - What's the ideal snacks in winters? Isn't it chips, pakoras, cutlets. Just hop on to the bed in front of the TV and mulch on these goodies. The best way to celebrate winter holidays. This is exactly the reason for weight gain. No work and all food. Restrict your diet to low calorie food. Eat more of baked food and protein rich food. Include fiber food to enhance digestion.

3.Vitamin D - Due to lack of sun or lack of sun exposure, our body is unable to observe enough Vitamin D for the body. This reduces the metabolism rate and also heightens the risk of obesity. Thus, it is important to include rich sources of vitamin D in your diet. The right intake of Vitamin D helps you prevent winter weight gain.

4.Protein Intake – Increase intake of protein. Protein rich food like lean meat, eggs etc keep you stomach full for a longer time and at the same time does not add on to the fat content in the body. Protein rich food also helps in enhancing the muscle content. It converts fat into muscles.

5.Avoid Boozing – Boozing reduces metabolism rate to a great extent and it is very difficult to gain back the metabolism rate. Lessen boozing as much as you can. Drinking in limits anyways won't matter.

Follow these five steps this winter to avoid winter weight gain. This winter save your slim and trim figure from all the excess fat.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 15:54 [IST]
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