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Tight Clothes
Ah! you may look nice with those skinny outfits for a day but in a long run, you have no idea about the effects of wearing skin tight clothes. Take a look to know how tight clothes impacts health.

We know that you are tempted to wear those size zero jeans but the tight outfits actually suffocate your skin making it very uncomfortable. Apart from the breathing difficulties, there are lot health related issues because of wearing tight clothes.

Health Issues Due To Wearing Tight Clothes -

1. Tingling Thigh Syndrome: Common nerve problem called “Meralgia Paresthetica" happens due to wearing to too tight pants.
Symptoms: If your pants are making the thigh joints sticky, damp and tingling.
Prevention: Avoid wearing those skin tight denims often. Choose the right trouser that fits you well.

2. Back Pain: Wearing too tight low waist jeans compress the back muscles causing pain.
Symptoms: If you feel your trousers squeeze your waist badly when take a seat. Again tingling in the area.
Prevention: When you choose a pair of jeans, try it and see to it that it doesn't shrink your body when you squat.

3. Giddiness – Frequent wearing of tight dresses may even result in breathing problems, sweating and fainting. It is ok even if you wear plus size clothes as your health is more important than anything.
Symptoms: Discomfort, not able to expand lungs, headache, blurring of vision.
Prevention: If you feel you can't breathe with a dress please chuck it right away. Never wear Tee-shirts that almost strangle your neck.

4. Heartburn & Pain In Abdomen – The tight pressure on stomach and abdomen leads to pain. It may cause an acid reflux resulting in severe burning sensation. The pant can even reduce the digestion activity.
Symptoms: Bitter taste in the mouth, pain in below the waist.
Prevention: Unbutton your pants and change it immediately. Drink water and wear a loose outfit.

The next time you are planning to flaunt those tight dresses woo guys think twice as you are risking health wearing them.

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Story first published: Friday, August 26, 2011, 12:48 [IST]
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