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Health Effects Of Soda – A Remembrance

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

2008 was the year when for the first time the real side effects and the harmful ingredients used in cold drinks were revealed. It was a tough time for all soda making companies including big brands. Parents restricted children from drink soda and cold drink bottles were replaced with more natural forms of fruit drinks. But as always, with time, the news got lost among other more important gossips and once again soda consumption is on a rise. Lets once again get reminded of the health

effects of soda –

1.High concentration of empty calories and sugar content is one of the basic reasons of rise in obesity and it has been noticed especially among children.

2.Another major health effect of soda is decay of teeth. The high sugar content in cold drinks, damages the tooth enamel making them vulnerable to infections, patches and finally tooth decay. The high sugar content has also proved to be one of the basic reason for rise in Type 2 diabetes.

3.Phosphorous, one of the common ingredients in soda causes yet another major health effect of soda. It leads to weak bones. Weak bones mean low bone density, which makes the bones brittle. They can easily fracture or get damaged.

4.Your stomach disorders may have been caused by soda. Stomach disorders are a major health effect of soda. The high concentration of carbonate in such drinks gives rise to irritable bowel syndrome.

5.Soda can cause addiction to caffeine. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant, which helps fight fatigue and drowsiness. But regular intake of it can make your nervous system dependent on it. This is exactly what soda addiction does to us.

These five health effects of soda, is being faced by more than 90% of the population but very few of us realise it. Replace soda with fruit juice and water for better health.
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Story first published: Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 9:39 [IST]