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Health Wellbeing
Health and Fitness is a wholesome experience - at the physical, mental and spiritual levels while the maintenance of health is a process of constant readjustment to change. We each tend to experience periods of excess or deficiency of our constitutional elements, which require adjustment of diet, lifestyle or even supplementation. Here are some of the factors that are responsible for good health and wellbeing.

The Feel Good Factor
The biggest health mantra is to find happiness within oneself. Most people make the mistake of believing that fitness is all about looking good and in the process miss out on the feel good factor.

The Food Factor
Depriving yourself of something which you like in the name of diet is just wrong. What you need is the right attitude towards food. Civilizations and religions through all ages have associated crops and food with God and adored as reflection of goodness. While ensuring to eat what you like it is also important that you do not get too much tempted by the food and overindulge.

The Workouts
One is always free to choose different forms of exercises and different fitness routines. Yoga is one holistic tool that cleanses your body and your mind, without any side effects.

The Positive Charge
Hanging around with people who give out positive energy and with people from whom you can learn from, also helps one to evolve a better person and makes feel good of oneself. Throwing tantrums and being fussy about even small disappointments are basically those people who are unhappy about themselves. Everyone goes through stress in their daily lives. But it shouldn"t be amplified to something bigger than it is actually. Music and breathing exercises, a small walk, etc, does the magic in those moments when you feel down. One who knows his body"s needs also knows how to balance his emotions.

Astrology For Health And Wellbeing
There are subtle energies emanating from the sky upon people, planets, animals and the earth itself. The astrological chart is the tool that can give clues on one"s good or ill-health, accidents and even timings.

The right diet, the right location and livelihood, the right relationships, and the right spiritual practices can all be used to balance the energies so as to remain hale and hearty.

For example, Mars being a hot planet when afflicted can cause disorders like fever, inflammation, infection, and injury. This can be countered by consuming herbs or foods that provides coolness or by using special gems and mantras, which are adjusted according to the planetary period"s operative in the individual"s chart.

You can also analyse your health horoscope to stay away from health diseases, for timely treatments and to remain in the pink of your health.

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