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Cure Bile Reflux With Natural Remedies

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Cure Bile Reflux
Bile reflux is the secretion of yellow juice known as bile. This bile is secreted from the liver and its main function is to break down fats in the body. A bile reflux occurs when the bile juice moves upward from the intestines to the stomach and throat. This bitter fluid is known as bile reflux and it often causes vomiting, nausea, stomach ache or discomfort and heartburn. Bile reflux is similar to an acid reflux and sometimes, these two can occur together. Here are the natural remedies to cure bile reflux and get rid of bile.

Natural remedies to cure bile reflux:

1. Generally, bile reflux is due to overeating. Have dinner 3-4 hours before going to sleep. This helps digest the food easily and also get rid of bile.

2. Have small meals frequently to reduce the chances of excessive bile production. Follow a low fat diet especially at night.

3. Avoid having oily and spicy food for dinner. This increases the bile production in the liver to burn the fats.

4. Never have juice at night if you get bile reflux frequently. Acidic juices such as lemon juice can increase the bile production in the liver as lemon has citrus acids. Also avoid having alcohol especially at night.

5. Exclude caffeine, chocolate, tomatoes, mint, citrus fruits, sodas and fatty foods which relaxes the stomach sphincter.

6. Keep the head elevated to prevent the bile from coming upwards. Take a small walk before going to bed. This helps digest the food and get rid of bile easily.

7. Exercise regularly to cure bile reflux. This is one of the best natural remedies to get rid of bile.

8. Stay hydrated. Prefer hot water at night before going to sleep. This is an effective remedy to cure bile reflux.

Try these natural remedies to cure bile reflux.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 13:57 [IST]
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