Barley Water Benefits To Health

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Barley Water Benefits
Barley, is another most preferred cereal apart from wheat. The grain is cultivated throughout the year and belongs to family Gramineae. The very reason why our ancestors were healthy and long living was because barley was one of the main bread food during 16th century. China, Egypt, Greek and Roman civilisations make a mention of the barley cultivation. Today we shall share a few interesting benefits of barley water.

Barley Water Benefits -

  • According to the Egyptian civilisation, drinking barley water is been proved beneficial to one"s health. The ancient civilisation has many references of drinking barley water.
  • Barley water is said to be the best tonic for all the gastric inflammations. It helps in expelling various harmful toxins from the body. Generally, people suffering from gastric drink it adding a few drops of fresh lemon.
  • Barley water is generally advised for patients suffering from diarrhea, high fever and dehydration as it provides energy, easily digestible and keeps the body cool.
  • The strained water is used for face as it is believed to bring glow to skin and also prevents the signs of aging.
  • The nutritious diet treats common ailments like cough, tonsils and throat inflammation like pharyngitis.
  • Barley juice quenches thirst, treats kidney problems and also improves appetite.
  • It is also said that drinking barley water everyday can prevent many diseases as the water acts like an antidote.
  • Barley water is also beneficiary for pregnant women as it is found to prevent the infection of the urinary tract during that time.
  • The barley cereal is had with milk and is proven healthy for diet-friendly people. Barley is tasteless and cholesterol free.

Preparing Barley Water
Clean barley pulp is soaked in hot water and then strained. The healthy grain water is ready to drink.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 5, 2011, 10:18 [IST]
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