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Secrets About Men

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

It's said that women are difficult to understand but what about men? The innocent, dedicated and gentle face which smiles at you has a thousand secrets behind it. One main characteristic of men is, 'they are very good in hiding their real self'. A man can play several characters at a time. Can't say whether it's good or bad but that's how they are.

Few Other Interesting Characteristic's of men -

1.I am handsome - Men like believing they are handsome. Tell them they are not looking good and they start defending.

2.How Am I Looking - Men are mirror addicted. They share this trait with girls just that they deny it.

3.I Am A Man - Addiction is a synonym of manliness to men.

4.I Am In Distress - Men like to get sympathy from their girlfriends.

5.I Dominate To Save You – Domination comes naturally but they name it as their care for their girl.

6.Love At First Sight – Men don't believe in this concept but preach it to impress girls.

7.Girl And Ego – Men do value love but at the same time, having a girl friend is a big boost to their ego.

8.Beauty And The Beast – Bad looking men like good looking girls. It covers up their negative points.

9.Men Are Dependent – No matter how much they call themselves head of the family, they depend on women for everything.

10.Money And Men – They don't go together. It's very difficult for them to save and they do only under the guidance of a woman.

11.Men And Ice-Cream – Men don't like to admit they like ice cream as they think it is girlish.

12.Men Sensitivity – Men are very sensitive to emotions. They get hurt very easily but their reaction is of anger.

13.Men And Children – Men love children and can bring them up better than women.

These thirteen points are not highlighting negative side of men. It's just the way they are. Men take time to mature and hold on to their childish nature for a long time. In all their naughty self they are innocent and most loving.

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Story first published: Friday, August 20, 2010, 14:38 [IST]
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