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    9 Surprising Myths About Common Frozen Foods

    There are many people out there who use frozen foods as a convenient option. Many of you are tied up with busy schedule which do not leave much choice but only use frozen foods. Frozen foods are like cut corners to meal preparations that will provide you instant food. There is a common myth that frozen foods are healthy but, here in this article the myths will be busted.

    Freezing your foods will keep your items edible indefinitely, although the taste and quality of the frozen foods may diminish over time.

    myths about frozen foods

    Some important facts about frozen food include the following:

    • Frozen foods are natural form of preservation.
    • Frozen vegetables and fruits are nutritionally more reliable than being fresh.
    • Frozen foods ensures that the most exotic foods can reach to the consumers.

    Some studies and nutrition experts suggest that tempting frozen pizzas and burritos are not healthy food choices. As this may increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, diabetes and other health problems.

    Read on to know the myths about frozen foods.

    1. Myth: Frozen Fruits & vegetables Aren't Healthy

    Fact: Freezing fruits and vegetables lock in the nutritional value so that they don't get degraded until and unless you use it. It is also even said that frozen fruits and vegetables might have even more nutrients than out of the season fresh vegetables. Ensure that while buying frozen fruits and vegetables they should not have added salt and sugar in it.

    2. Myth: Re-freezing Food Is Unsafe

    Fact: Depending on how you have handled your food once its thawed can tell you if it is safe to freeze or not. If you have thawed the food safely in the fridge not outside, you should be able to put it back in the freezer safely. Keeping the frozen produce cold between 40 degree Fahrenheit and 140 degree Fahrenheit, where bacteria can easily thrive for more than two hours.

    3. Myth: You can't Freeze Milk And Eggs

    Fact: You can freeze milk, cheese and eggs. Though the texture of milk and cheese might change a bit, but they are perfectly safe to consume. You can freeze your milk, dozen of eggs and cheese in the freezer without worrying about getting spoilt.

    4. Myth: All Frozen Food Is High In Sodium

    Fact: Health experts suggest to scan the label before purchasing any frozen food product. Because these frozen foods sometimes contain sodium chloride or salt as an ingredient. The sodium should be naturally present in foods.

    5. Myth: Washing Frozen Foods Will Thaw It Safely

    Fact: When it comes to thawing food in the water, temperature is the key. Running hot water over frozen foods might be a problem because a part of your food item will remain frozen and the other part will remain hot. This will lead to uneven cooking of the food. Using cold water and changing the water every half an hour while washing frozen foods is recommended by the USDA.

    6. Myth: Packaged Food Can Go In The Freezer

    Fact: If your chicken breasts are wrapped up, it does not mean they are ready to go into the freezer. Meat which are wrapped up let in airflow, allowing the bacteria to get in and making the quality of the meat to deteriorate in the freezer. Instead you should re-wrap the food and let the air pass out, before freezing it. In the case of vegetables, they should be blanched.

    7. Myth: Frozen Foods Are A balanced Option

    Fact: It doesn't necessarily mean that frozen foods is a balanced option. For example- it is not good to have a frozen breakfast if you are in a rush. It could cause health complications like an upset stomach. Instead prepare an immediate breakfast meal for yourself.

    8. Myth: Frozen Foods has Fewer Nutrients

    Fact: Frozen fruits and vegetables are even more healthier than the fresh produce because they tend to be processed at their peak ripeness, which means they are most nutrient-packed. If you are worried about not getting enough nutrients from frozen produce, eat them soon after you purchase them.

    9. Myth: All Frozen foods Are Highly processed

    Fact: Grocery freezers are filed with unhealthy and processed meal things and there is no changing the fact about that. While you select frozen foods, choose whole foods or natural foods instead of going for the processed foods. Also, ensure to check the label to see if there is no preservatives.

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