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12 Best And Worst Foods To Eat Before A Date

Couples most often are excited for their big date night and prepare themselves so that nothing goes amiss. But, in general, couples tend to forget basic rules before going out with their partner. In this article, read to find out what foods to eat and avoid before a date night.

Apart from focusing on wearing the right outfit, focus on what foods you are gobbling down before going on a date. Couples don't often think that the foods they eat can create an impact on their date.

12 Best And Worst Foods To Eat Before A Date

You should avoid the foods that can cause a smelly breath, acne breakout, stomach upset or a bad body odour. Yes, you read that right!

We have covered everything for you. Let's read on, shall we?

Best Foods To Eat Before A Date

1. Salmon

If you are planning to drink on your big date tonight, then consume lean protein like salmon before stepping out for a date. Studies have shown that salmon has plenty of fats like omega 3 fatty acids which will help slow down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream.

2. Green Tea

Sip on some green tea as each cup is packed with catechins, that have been found to boost up your energy. Green tea will also freshen up your breath and it can prevent the growth of bad bacteria that causes bad breath. So, now you know apart from weight loss, green tea also has another benefit.

3. Dark Chocolate

If you are having pre-date jitters, reach out for a bar of dark chocolate. It will boost up your mood, and it will also lower your stress levels. Dark chocolate will increase serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter in the brain and you will experience a calm and satisfied feeling.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are another best food to have before a date night. Having these seeds will kickstart your pre-date energy because it contains magnesium that is responsible for energy production. Just a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds will do the trick!

5. Turkey

Turkey makes for a great snack before a night out with your partner or a special someone. Turkey is a lean meat which is an excellent source of tryptophan, which triggers serotonin, leaving you calm and composed. But ensure that you don't eat too much of it, as tryptophan will make you sleepy, which we are sure you don't want for your big day.

Foods To Avoid Before A Big Date

1. Garlic

Garlic is the worst food as it worsens your breath and the smell can linger in your mouth for a long time because garlic gets easily absorbed in the bloodstream. So avoid any foods that contain garlic.

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are the worst foods to be eaten before a date night. Because these berries will turn your tongue and teeth into a shade of blue. But don't omit this superfood from your diet fully, due to its richness in fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants. Just don't have it before a date night.

3. Salad

Thinking of eating a bowl of salad before your date night? Think again, as you don't want ending up with small bits of leafy greens stuck in your teeth. Skip the salad and instead go for a bowl of vegetable salad like carrots which will help clear the debris from your mouth and eliminate any bad odours.

4. Coffee

Coffee tastes good, but the compelling smell can linger in your mouth. This could be unpleasant when you talk to your partner. Also, if you wish to drink it, a small cup of coffee is fine as too much of caffeine can cause a jittery sensation and excess sweating.

5. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc. have their own unique texture and flavour. But all of these vegetables contain a sulfur compound that is quickly absorbed in the body. When you start sweating, you might smell differently.

6. Fast Foods

Steer clear of fast foods before a date night as they can cause gas in your stomach and acne breakout. If you want to look good avoid having burgers, nuggets, fries, etc.

7. Dairy Products

Dairy products are also one of the culprits for acne breakouts. So avoid having cheese, butter or any other dairy product just few days before your date.

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