This Is Why You Must Stop Eating Baby Carrots Immediately!

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If you are someone who uses the smaller variety of carrots, popularly known as baby carrots in your diet on a regular basis, then maybe it is time to reconsider!

Yes, especially these days, we see a lot of people using baby carrots for preparing certain dishes, to make salads and also baby carrots are packed in a child's lunch box, by his/her parents, as many kids tend to like baby carrots more than the regular carrots, because baby carrots look "cute"!

Why You Must Stop Eating Baby Carrots

Now, as we know, the regular sized carrots are extremely healthy and must definitely be a part of a person's regular diet.

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Carrots are extremely rich in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre and other essential nutrients that are required to keep your body healthy!

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Eating carrots on a regular basis can improve your eyesight, strengthen your immune system, prevent cancer and diabetes, aid weight loss and rejuvenate your skin from within and so on.

Why You Must Stop Eating Baby Carrots

However, a recent research study has found that baby carrots are not the same as regular carrots at all and they can be quite toxic, causing health hazards.

What Exactly Are Baby Carrots?

In the 90s, there was a revolution in the global farming industry, which began to produce vegetables and fruits, based on the aesthetic requirements of people.

To be clearer, it was believed that people preferred to buy vegetables and fruits that were easy on the eyes, with compact sizes and brighter colours.

Why You Must Stop Eating Baby Carrots

For this reason, farmers started to grow hybrid products, using various chemicals to make them look more attractive and also to make them taste better.

So, baby carrots too are produced using toxic chemicals that stunt their growth, making them look like "cute" miniatures of the regular carrots.

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It is also believed that baby carrots are soaked in chlorine to make them remain fresher for a longer time, thus making people buy them in abundance, because they can be stored for a longer time!

Why You Must Stop Eating Baby Carrots

As baby carrots can be soaked in chlorine, when we inject it, it could cause a whole range of ailments including digestive disorders, infections of the brain, joint pain, etc.

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So, in conclusion, baby carrots must not be mistaken for the healthy, regular carrots and it is better if baby carrots are excluded from our diets.

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