Why Controlling Calories Can Be Harmful For Health

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Are you someone who has been yearning to lose all the extra weight and look slim and fit again? Are you cutting back on food and counting calories, every time you eat something? If yes, then it could actually be harmful for your health!

Yes, although, losing excess weight and trying to get fitter is a healthy move, if you are doing it the wrong way, it can only affect your health more!

As we know, being overweight or obese is a pathway to a whole lot of other health complications.

In fact, being obese can cause serious disorders like heart ailment and cancer, plus minor ones like joint pain and digestive issues.

In addition, if a person is overweight, it can also make him/her look unfit and unattractive, causing low-confidence levels.

The human body requires energy to function and energy is mostly derived from the food that we ingest, so, if we are not taking in enough calories required for our body to function well, then it could cause various health complications.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2017, 18:29 [IST]
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