Soup Or Juice Diet: Which Is Better?

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Soup or juice diet? Which is better among the both? Juice is the juice extracted from the raw vegetables or fruits whereas a soup implies boiling the vegetables for certain time.

Generally, most of us get the idea of 'juicing' when we think of starting a healthy lifestyle to lose weight or flush out toxins. But is that the only way?

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Is there any other way of detoxifying the body? Well, even soup cleansing works. If you don't want to eat salads or fruits or drink juices, you can even try soup cleansing which isn't a bad option at all.

When your journey is enjoyable, you will effortlessly stay consistent with your diet routines and that could take you much closer to your health goals. Here are some facts.


Soup Or Juice Diet: Which Is Better?

Firstly, a soup cleanse is not a new concept that we are introducing only today. Cabbage soup is being consumed since decades or even centuries. But in the recent past, the soup cleanse gained some popularity, thanks to the media.


Ingredients Can Be The Same

Soup cleansing also involves the same ingredients like kale, spinach, carrot, beetroot and turmeric powder which can boost health. The only difference is that you don't need to take them raw.

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Does A Soup Nourish?

A soup can nourish you more, say some experts. It is tasty, appealing and also supplies most of the nutrients that raw juices provide.


What About Bone Broth?

Have you heard of the bone broth? It is a healing soup. It isn't a juice. In fact, even sick people are served broth to boost immunity. It isn't a juice.

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What About Fibre Content?

You don't need to remove the fibre content of a vegetable when you soup it. In juices, it gets removed. Also, fruit juices are high in sugar whereas soups don't have much.


Soup Vs. Juice

A study claims that people who drink soups don't feel deprived but people who try to survive more on juices tend to miss other foods and may experience cravings.


Another Advantage

You don't need to starve yourself while you are on a soup plan. You can eat other cooked foods two times a day and drink a soup one time a day and enjoy certain health benefits.

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