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What Happens When You Drink Cabbage Juice With Lemon?

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As hard as it may be to admit to this fact, most of us do not like to eat vegetables, right? In comparison with yummy pizzas and pastas, a healthy diet can seem rather dull. But, there are a few homemade healthy drinks you must start consuming, if you want to remain healthy.

You must have heard of the popular quote, "You are what you eat". It is a fact because, the healthier your diet is, the less prone you become to various diseases and ailments.

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However, these days, as most people are too caught up with their busy lives, it may become harder for them to stick to a healthy diet, due to the lack of time.

Another reason for people following unhealthy eating habits could be because of the mind-blowing variety of unhealthy food options available today.

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So, if you want to remain healthy, you must start eating healthy. You could start by consuming certain healthy homemade drinks.

Did you know that consuming cabbage juice with lemon can have over 6 health benefits?


How It Is Made :

Just take a few freshly chopped cabbage leaves and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Add them into a blender with some water. Grind well to obtain a juice. Consume every morning, before breakfast, for at least 2 months.


1. Aids Weight Loss

As this natural drink is rich in fibre content, it decreases the ability of your cells to store fat, thus aiding weight loss.


2. Boosts Immunity

Both cabbage and lemon are rich in vitamin C and vitamin C is very much essential to keep your immune system healthy and prevent many diseases.


3. Prevents Cancer

As this homemade drink is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, it is known to prevent cancerous cells from multiplying in the body, thus preventing cancer.


4. Improves Brain Health

As the cabbage in this health drink is rich in folic acid and vitamin B, it can nourish your brain cells and keep your brain functions active.


5. Healthy For Bones

This mixture of cabbage and lemon can strengthen your bones, as the vitamin D content in this drink can enable a better absorption of calcium by the bones.


6. Reduces Constipation

As cabbage is rich in fibre content it can push out the waste in your intestine, to reduce conditions like constipation and piles.

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Story first published: Friday, January 13, 2017, 14:23 [IST]
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