Diet Plan For Housewives To Stay Healthy & Slim

It's quite understandable that it's difficult to lose weight when you're a stay-at-home wife/mother. Your entire kitchen and your refrigerator is at your service for like 24/7.

Most people presume being a housewife as a very easy task. But only a housewife will know how difficult it is to take care of yourself and find time to eat healthy.

It is important at this time of your life that you must make your health a priority, because you need to keep up with kids with their endless energy as well as your other never-ending responsibilities.

Remaining fit and not gaining extra pounds is another challenging task for all housewives.

diet plan for housewife

Whatever diet plan you take up, you must make sure that you adopt a holistic approach towards fitness, emphasizing on a healthy lifestyle rather than going on diets.

As Dr. Swarupa Kakani , Chief Nutritionist, Sagar Hospitals, observes, "Housewives, who are touching 40, need to take important care of their eating habits. This is the time when their metabolism dips by about 1%-2%. A restricted diet is something that they must ensure but this does not mean portion control or drinking just a cup of tea for breakfast".

She goes on to say, "Ditching refined foods, fatty and fried foods is necessary. They must concentrate on having servings of three-four vegetables a day and fruits. This will help them get enough amount of nutrients like vitamins and minerals that also aid in boosting the immunity."

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In this article, we have mentioned the best diet plan and tips for housewives. Read further to find out. As a part of the National Nutrition Week, we have listed them out for you.

1. Plan Out Your Meals:

If you know that you're going to have a big dinner tonight, then you need to plan out your lunch and breakfast accordingly. You need to figure out how many calories you'll have for dinner and subtract it from your goal calorie intake. Dr. Swarupa also says that mindful eating must be practiced particularly by housewives. "They need to keep this in mind in order to maintain an ideal body weight", she quips.

2. Drink Only Water During The Day:

Include two large glasses of water during breakfast, and keep it minimal during lunch and dinner; and more if in case you're thirsty or hungry. Water will fill you up and you'll not eat much. In case you drink wine, save it for dinner.

3. Say NO To Stringent Diets:

Diets are definitely the latest fad but you must understand that you just need to eat real healthy food and count on your calorie intake.

4. Avoid Boredom Eating:

You're alone at home and bored. But this must not be an excuse for you to keep munching on snacks. In case you're very hungry, you can choose veggies and lean protein to snack on.

Dr. Swarupa also mentioned that sleeping right after a meal is a very bad habit. She says, "Housewives especially, must eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper".

5. Move Your Body:

Even if you're stuck in the house, you can still burn some calories. Going for dance breaks at home, a stroll in the park every day, etc., are some methods to keep yourself actively engaged.

6. You Need To Cook For Yourself Too:

Housewives are expected to cook their husbands and kids with their favourite dishes. Little or no importance is given to what the mother likes. This is not right. In order to maintain your ideal body weight and also for healthy eating, you need to actually start cooking for yourself too! So, this makes it the best diet plan for housewives.

With Inputs From Dr. Swarupa Kakani

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