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What? Are Bananas Bad For Breakfast?

Bananas are among the healthiest fruits but still, it isn't a good option for breakfast. Eating a banana on empty stomach might not be healthy.

Though bananas seem to be the easiest breakfast option that can boost energy levels, they have their own drawbacks too.

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Though bananas offer healthy fibre, potassium and magnesium, there are some reasons to avoid them for breakfast and eat them during other parts of the day. Here are the reasons.


Is Sugar The Problem?

Why bananas aren't a good breakfast option? Well, they are loaded with sugar. They may result in a sugar rush which will also cause a sugar crash after some time. Of course, the sugar in bananas is natural sugar but still, the spikes in the blood sugar levels are not safe.

Food Combination?

If you consume a banana along with another food that contains healthy fat then it is comparatively safer as a breakfast option.

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Will You Feel Drowsy?

If you consume only bananas alone for breakfast then you may feel sluggish and drowsy after some time. You will feel full for a short while.

Can You Eat It On Empty Stomach?

Health experts say that bananas are slightly acidic and they are nearly 25% sugar. Therefore, on an empty stomach, bananas aren't a good idea.

Fermentation Of Sugar

What's the problem with sugar? Well, sugars need to be processed in the body. Sugars are generally fermented and in that process they may turn acidic. Even the digestive system may get affected.

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Can You Eat It With Yoghurt?

Is there a way to still eat bananas in the morning? Yes, add it to a bowl of yoghurt. Or consume a teaspoon of peanut butter along with it. This can reduce the acidic levels and also prevent fluctuations in sugar levels.

Can You Eat It With Avocado?

You can also eat an avocado for healthy fat along with the banana. This may help you derive the benefits of fibre, magnesium and potassium without having to experience the spikes in blood sugar.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 10:25 [IST]
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