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The Ultimate Foods For A Healthy Vagina!

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Most of us do everything we can to take care of our health and maintain a disease-free body, right?

We ensure that we drink enough water to keep our skin and hair healthy, we try to avoid too much sugar to keep metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes at bay.

However, many a times, a woman tends to ignore the health of one of the most important parts of her body - the vagina!

Yes, most of us do not realise that vaginal health is equally important to remain disorder free!

A woman's privates have been a hush-hush topic, since times immemorial, so many women may feel embarrassed to even go to a doctor for advice on vaginal health!

However, we must know that if the vagina is not taken care of, we may be prone to a number of infections, dryness, pain and even infertility!

Did you know that there are a few specific foods which, when consumed regularly, can keep your vagina healthy and safe?

Have a look at some of the foods to include in your diet for a healthy vagina.


1. Green Tea

The antioxidants in green tea ensure that the cells of your vagina are strong enough to fight the infection-causing bacteria, thereby keeping infections like UTI at bay!


2. Fish

Fish is rich in vitamins that possess an anti-inflammatory nature, which can help reduce menstrual cramps and vaginal discomfort during periods!


3. Yoghurt

Regularly eating curd or yoghurt can help ward off yeast infections that affect the vagina, as yoghurt contains the bacteria-fighting probiotics!


4. Soy Beans

Dryness in the vagina can give rise to a number of other problems, including making your sex life less enjoyable, so eating soy beans can help keep the mucous glands in your vagina active, thereby preventing dryness!


5. Apples

Apples are known to be extremely good for vaginal health in general, but specifically, they can help in lubricating the vagina naturally during sex, making the act much better!


6. Cranberry Juice

Many of us may already be aware of the fact that cranberry juice can help provide relief from UTI, as it is antibacterial in nature.


7. Garlic

Garlic is yet another natural ingredient that can help reduce yeast infection in the vagina; and it is also a great aphrodisiac, as it can stimulate the nerve endings present in the vagina!

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