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7 Ways To Add Yoghurt To Your Diet

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Yoghurt is one of the best and most healthiest options you can add to your diet to make your day and your system cooler. Yoghurt is rich is good bacteria, which is known as probiotics.

These strains of bacteria aid the body's digestive tract and are believed to boost the immune system against the bad bacteria we all have to face with every now and then in the summer season.

If you add one tablespoon of yoghurt to your plate, you will gain a lot of other benefits too. Yoghurt aids in lowering blood pressure due to the presence of calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The white yummy dairy product is also rich in protein that again is good for the body, as it hails in fighting multiple ailments that summer brings along with it.

So, if you are ready to beat the heat, here are 7 super ways to add yoghurt to your diet, why don't you take a look:



Buttermilk is healthy for the young and old. Drink two cups of buttermilk in a day to help beat the heat in summer. Buttermilk is also rich in calcium, so make sure you add it to your daily diet.


Curd Rice:

Rice is a staple food in India. If you don't want to let go of the white food, add a few tablespoons of curd to the white rice. Make your meal colourful and healthier by adding pomegranate and grapes too. Garnish your meal with fresh coriander leaves tempered with mustard seeds .


Avocado Raita:

Avocado raita is another healthier option you can add to your plate this summer. Avocado is rich in good fats that aid in weight loss, and adding curd to the fruit with provide much more benefits.


Frozen Yoghurt:

When all you can think about are snack cakes and candy bars, consider peeling the top of a healthy little cup of yoghurt instead, which is much more healthier for you.


Try It With Oats:

Begin your day with a bowl of oats, topped with yoghurt and fresh fruits. Not only will you be consuming a whole lot of fibre, but you will also be feeding your tummy with some good number of nutrients and vitamins too.


Club It With A Sandwich:

Love mayo but don't want to eat it? Well, we have a better option for your sandwich and that is nothing but the amazing food product yoghurt. Add one tablespoon to your sandwich to create a healthier and much more fibrous meal.


Smoothies Work Too:

If you're already bored with yoghurt as a snack, you can even try adding some plain yoghurt into a smoothie to get the benefits. You can also add a few fresh fruits and top it up with a dash of cinnamon too to aid in weight loss.

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