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Nutritional Facts Of Eating Bananas For Women

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Life is becoming hectic day by day. As a woman, life is more challenging. We're sure even the men would agree to the fact that being a woman is quite a challenge in itself these days.

Women have to manage indoor as well as outdoor tasks. From waking up to going to the bed, a woman's life moves with the tick-tocks of the clock.

Even in a board meeting, she ponders on whether her kid finished his/her tiffin and what to be made for dinner that night for her husband and children.

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Again, when she is cooking, she needs to think of how to make the presentation look more attractive. Therefore, this causes a lot of stress on her mind unnecessarily.

Women hardly get time to think about themselves. There is no time for having nutritious meals and to take rest. So, in such cases, it is best to opt for foods that can provide all the nutrition women require.

You can rely on a banana blindly for that. May be, you are out of energy after a tiring day, but you have to help your kid complete his/her homework.

Try having 2 bananas then that can give you an instant energy in this case, thereby saving your time from preparing anything.

If you count on the health benefits of a banana for women, you will get plenty of them. So, listed here are some of the benefits of having bananas for women, have a look.


1. High Fibre Content:

Bananas are rich in fibre content that helps in the digestion process, thereby keeping you away from problems like constipation. Besides, having fibre, it keeps you full for long and also manages to cut your extra pounds.


2. Boosts Up Your Energy:

As bananas are easy to digest; the sugar content in this fruit is converted into a source of energy, which keeps you active for long. That's why the gym instructors always suggest everyone to have bananas after a tiring workout session.


3. Takes Care Of Your Heart:

Benefits of banana for women also includes this one. Being a fiber-rich food, it keeps your cholesterol level under control. This, in turn, keeps your heart in a good condition and limits the chance of you developing cardiovascular diseases.


4. Very Useful During Pregnancy:

For the would-be mothers, bananas must be included into their diet. It contains folic acid which is responsible for making new cells and removing any birth defects in the unborn child. For the overall growth of the foetus, banana is very important.


5. Is A Nutritional Powerhouse:

What are the other health benefits of having a banana for women? Banana is rich in different vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, folate, riboflavin, niacin, etc. Having a food with all these nutrients is surely a blessing in disguise for women.


6. Treats Anaemia:

Indian women often suffer from anaemia. Banana is a food that is cheap and is full of iron. Thus, having a banana regularly can help treat iron deficiency in a woman's body, thereby helping in building the red blood corpuscles.


7. Controls Blood Pressure:

Women after 40 often suffer from high blood pressure. Being a high source of potassium, bananas can keep your blood pressure level under control. Consider it as one of the most important benefits of a banana for women.


8. Increases Brain Power:

This is definitely one of the most important benefits of having a banana. Do you want to top in your class? Then, have a banana every day, as this fruit enhances your brain power and boosts up your power of memorising.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 6, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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