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How To Make A Salad Healthy

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Salads are very healthy. They help you get enough of fruits and vegetables into your system in the raw form.

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Even if you hate salads, you don't need to worry as vegetables consumed in any form is healthy compared to not consuming them at all.

Ensure that you eat a salad at least once or twice a week. Also, you don't need to restrict your salads to only vegetables. You can add other items like eggs, chicken, beans, fruits, fish or even grains.

Also, by making your salad interesting and tasty, you will surely be able to consume it more often which is good for your health.

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Now, let us look at the way you can build a healthy salad.


Step #1

Make it nutritious. Add lettuce (potassium, vitamin C, folic acid) or spinach or kale (anti-oxidants, beta carotene). This can get you lots of nutrients into your salad.


Step #2

Get some taste into it. Add cucumber or broccoli (vitamin C), walnuts or almonds or chia seeds (protein, fibre), celery (vitamin A) and cabbage.


Step #3

Make it colourful. Add slices of tomato (manganese, vitamins C, K, C, potassium) or beetroot (folate) or onion (phytochemicals, fibre) or pomegranate seeds (anti-oxidants, calcium, potassium, fibre and vitamins A, C, E).


Step #4

Add some protein. Add some slices of boiled eggs or tofu (potassium, fat) or pieces of cooked chicken, lentils or fish.


Step #5

Add some fruits. Use slices of apple (flavnoids, vitamin C) or strawberries or other berries (flavonoids, fibre, Vitamin C).


Step #6

Add pieces of sweet potatoes (manganese, vitamin A, C) or asparagus (folate, vitamin A,K, E) or Brussels sprouts (folate, vitamins B6, A and C).


Step #7

Now dress it up. Use olive oil (healthy fat), lemon juice (potassium and vitamin C). You can also use vinegar.

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