Health Benefits Of Tadka

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Indians love dal tadka. In fact, tadka is a part of almost every dish. What's tadka? Well, it is a cooking method known as tempering. The aim of this process is to use some spices to enhance the flavour of the dish and add some medicinal properties of the spices.

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How do they do it? Oil or ghee is heated first. Then spices are added to it. Once they are slightly fried in the oil or ghee, it is added to the dish whether it is dal or curry. Tadka contains spices and herbs. Therefore, it is good for digestion.

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The flavour, taste and the nutritional value of a dish can be enhanced by doing this. As the essence of the spices gets into the tadka, the dish becomes healthier (when the process of tempering is handled right). Read on to know about the health benefits.


Benefit #1

Garlic boosts immunity and is also anti microbial. It prevents infections, cold, cough and headache.


Benefit #2

Dry chili contains lots of vitamins, offers relief from pain, and fights obesity too.


Benefit #3

The reason why cumin seeds became one of the most important ingredients in tadka is because they are good for digestion. They can prevent flatulence, diarrhea, acidity and even dyspepsia.


Benefit #4

Adding curry leaves to your tadka makes it healthier. These leaves can lower cholesterol, improve digestion, prevent diabetes and also protect your heart. They contain fibre, carbs, vitamin E,B, A,C, iron, phosphorous and Calcium.


Benefit #5

Turmeric is almost like a medicine. It can prevent certain infections, irritations, cough, cold and skin issues. It is a good antibiotic.


Benefit #6

Some people also add pepper to tadka. It enhances digestive capability. It also prevents constipation and kills worms in the stomach.


Benefit #7

Some sources claim that mustard seeds can prevent muscle pains and arthritis. They also lower cholesterol levels, prevent infections and boost immunity.

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