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Foods To Avoid After Weight Loss Surgery

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Just in case you have recently had a weight loss surgery, the doctor must have advised you on certain things that will be needed to be followed. He must have also asked you to go for certain types of food and avoid some. Here we shall discuss the foods that you need to avoid after weight loss surgery.

In order to recover fast there are particular foods that you must steer clear of as well as foods which should undoubtedly be consumed to keep a healthful eating pattern. Anytime you have an operation of any sort, the body needs additional calories and protein to help heal quicker.

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foods to avoid after weight loss surgery

That definitely does not imply that you should go out and purchase the largest piece of steak you can eat as it is full of protein. Rich foods are hard to digest and will leave you feeling ill if you are not attentive. Bear in mind that it is significant to steer clear of foods which are full of fat and saturated in calories.

foods to avoid after weight loss surgery

Now let us discuss the foods that you must avoid after weight loss surgery in order to recover quickly. Just after the surgery, avoid foods that you need to chew. Anything solid must be avoided. Instead go for a liquid diet that is full of nutrition. You can try soups, protein shakes, yogurt and fruit juices.

foods to avoid after weight loss surgery

After two to three weeks of liquid diet, you can try something solid but avoid anything that is difficult to digest. Vegetables, fibrous fruits, nuts and bread need to be avoided. Instead you can go for fish and poultry. Continue eating these for three weeks.

foods to avoid after weight loss surgery

After that you have to avoid certain food items for the rest of your life. These are popcorn, read meat and raw vegetables. Also avoid drinking water immediately before and after eating. Follow these tips after weight loss surgery and you will definitely recover fast and lead a healthy life.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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