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7 Common Foods Men Should Never Consume If They Want To Be Healthy!

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If you are a man who is even the least bit concerned about your health, then you must know that there are certain common foods that men must avoid to remain healthy and in good shape!

As we know, men and women have varied requirements when it comes to health and diet, as their internal mechanism and hormonal makeup is different.

So, what is healthy for a woman may not be all that healthy for a man to consume.

Most young men these days have a busy work schedule, so they do not find much time to have healthy foods.

Normally, they end up grabbing a quite bite, consisting mostly of junk foods, so that they can get back quickly to their work.

Also, in these times, where partying has become the norm for most youngsters, many men tend to practice certain unhealthy vices on a regular basis, putting their health at risk.

So, here is a list of foods that men must stay away from if they want to avoid diseases, have a look.


1. Soy

Although soy is considered to be healthy, it is one of the foods men, in particular, must avoid because a research study has claimed that consuming soy in excess can lower the sperm count.


2. Bakery Items

Men must also avoid consuming bakery items like cake, bread, etc., on a regular basis, as they contain high amounts of fats and sugar, causing men to develop a fat belly quickly!


3. White Chocolate

White chocolate is also one of the foods that can be extremely unhealthy for men, as it does not contain any healthy antioxidants like dark chocolate and they are extremely high in fat content.


4. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol on a regular basis can be extremely unhealthy for anyone, and especially so for men, as it can lead to problems like decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.


5. Beef

Foods that men must avoid also include inorganic beef. The hormones fed to the cows can interfere with a man's testosterone levels, creating issues when it comes to erection and sperm count.


6. Canned Food

If you consume canned food like canned soup, noodles, curries, etc., on a regular basis, the preservatives present in the canned foods can harm your sperm count negatively.


7. Pizza

Yes! This popular dish can be extremely high in saturated fat content, and when mixed with soft drinks, the combination can be extremely bad for your erection.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 15:03 [IST]
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