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8 Reasons To Include Methi In Your Food

By: Debdatta Mazumber

Fenugreek is one of the best whole spices that makes the Indian cuisine so very tasty and unique. It is popularly known as 'Methi’.

The strong aroma of this spice adds a special taste to the cuisine and makes it taste heavenly. Not only the seeds, but the leaves of fenugreek are also edible and enhance the taste of your food.

Now, what are the reasons why you should add methi in your food? There are lots of other spices too.

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Though it is a common spice, there are many households in which methi is not much preferred even today.

However, if you know of the health benefits of methi to our body, you’ll definitely start to have it in your food immediately.

If you have a kitchen garden, grow methi for fresh leaves and seeds. From chicken to vegetable curry, from stuffings of parathas to dal, methi is one of the omnipotent spices that is mostly present in the Indian cuisine.

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While looking for the reasons why you should add methi in your food, you should also consider the beauty therapies of fenugreek.

Yes, to have lovely glowing skin, fenugreek serves you quite well. If you soak fenugreek seeds overnight and strain the water in the morning and have it, it will detoxify your body and boost up your metabolism.

So, here are some reasons why you should add methi in your food.


1. Lowers Cholesterol Level:

It is one of the vital benefits of methi to our body. Extensive researches have proved that methi has the components that reduce the level of LDL cholesterol. It has steroidal saponins that prevent your body from absorbing triglycerides and cholesterol.


2. Keeps Blood Sugar Under Control:

Do you have anyone diabetic in your family? Then, it is very important to include methi in his/her regular diet. Due to the presence of galactomannan, methi lowers the absorption of sugar from foods. Also, the amino acid in methi augments the production of insulin.


3. Reduces The Risk Of Heart Diseases:

Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can aggravate the heart-related issues to a great extent, even in young people. Hence, include methi seeds or dried methi leaves in your recipes and keep your heart safe. The potassium in it slowers the activities of sodium that is responsible for heart troubles.


4. Soothes Sore Throat And Fever:

This is definitely one of the important reasons as to why you should add methi in your food. It has soothing effects on your sore throat and makes the mucus liquidy. So, you can breathe easily. Add methi in some hot chicken soup, as it provides relief during fever.


5. Helps To Lose Weight:

You have become irritated of trying so many methods to lose weight. So, try this effective one too. Chew methi seeds every morning on an empty stomach. It will suppress your appetite and reduce repeated cravings. Consider this as one of the important health benefits of methi to your body.


6. Increases Breast Milk Supply:

For lactating mothers, doctors always suggest to add methi in their daily food habits. As the spice contains diosgenin, it boosts up the breast milk production in lactating mothers.


7. Reduces Menstrual Discomfort:

Many of you suffer from cramps and pain during periods every month. You won't look for any other reasons as to why you should add methi in your food, when you get to know that it reduces your menstrual discomfort. You can use methi leaves as ‘saag' or add ground methi powder to curries.


8. Protects From Colon Cancer:

Due to the presence of soluble fibres like mucilage or saponins, methi detoxifies your body and protects your mucous membrane to keep colon cancer at bay. Use the spice in your food and stay healthy.

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Story first published: Monday, May 30, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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