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Are Sprouted Grains Actually Healthy Or Is It Just A Myth?

Many of us may have been asked to consume sprouts as kids because we were told they are extremely healthy! However, are sprouted grains actually as healthy as we think they are?

As we grow up and gain more knowledge about healthy practices, we may come across certain theories about the foods that we consume on a daily basis, which can lead to doubts.

For instance, many people believe that avocados are extremely healthy, while another group of people say that avocados are not as nutritious as everyone think they are! And the confusing part is that both these theories can be backed by scientific research!

It is the same case when it comes to many other "healthy foods" that we consume, and we can never be sure if they are actually healthy or not, unless we dwell deeper into the subject.

Now, many of us may have been told that consuming sprouted grains or grams, on a regular basis, can make us exceptionally healthy!

Is it true? Well, let us find out, here.

Sprouted grains are nothing but seeds that have started to grow into plants, when they are exposed to the right amount of moisture.

Sprouted grains like green gram, channa and even certain nuts are commonly used in the preparation of salads and other dishes, all over the world.

Parents and nutritionists have always been advising kids to eat more sprouts, as they feel it is extremely nutritious.

Lately, sprouts are even used to make smoothies or sandwich feelings, to make them more tastier for the kids to consume.

So, the question is, how healthy are sprouted grains?

As we'd mentioned earlier, sprouts are seeds that begin to grow into plants. During this process, various enzymes are produced inside the seeds, in order to enable them to grow into healthy plants.

As sprouts are rich in these growth enzymes, they are said to be very nutritious! These enzymes also make the seeds more easily digestible by the human body in comparison with other non-sprouted seeds.

Many research studies have also concluded that sprouts come with various health benefits and they also contain essential nutrients and antioxidants that are needed by the human body.

So, you can go ahead and enjoy a bowl of sprouts salad without a worry and make way to good health!

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 14:24 [IST]