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Are Papaya Leaves Healthy?

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Most of us know what happens when you eat a papaya or its seeds. But we don't know about the health benefits of papaya leaves. They too contain certain healing agents and medicinal properties which can cure certain ailments and strengthen your immunity.

Are Papaya Leaves Healthy?

You can prepare tea by boiling a few papaya leaves in a litre of water. After it is boiled, place the water in a jar and let it be in the refrigerator for a couple of days. After that, you can drink the water on the third day.

Now, let us know about the benefits of papaya leaves.

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Papaya leaves can eliminate the bacteria that are responsible for stomach issues. Also, these leaves can prevent acid reflux. These leaves can also minimise the inflammation of stomach lining.

Are Papaya Leaves Healthy?4

The tea prepared from papaya leaves can also heal inflammation that occurs due to irritable bowel syndrome.

Are Papaya Leaves Healthy?3

Papaya leaves contain a compound known as acetogenin which is said to kill cancer cells.

Are Papaya Leaves Healthy?5

Those who have low platelet count can have the papaya leaf tea regularly. It can cure the problem and also solve certain vitamin deficiencies.

Are Papaya Leaves Healthy6

Menstrual Pain
This tea can also cure menstrual pain. Consume the tea thrice a day. Drink a glass of tea each time.

Those who suffer from constipation can drink a glass of this tea in the morning to move the bowels.

Are Papaya Leaves Healthy7

Appetite And Immunity
This tea can also enhance appetite and boost immunity if consumed regularly. Papaya leaves also contain anti-oxidants that can slow down your ageing.

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