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If You Want To Find A Perfect Balance Between Your Waistline & Wallet, You Must Have These 20 Foods

By: Shubham Ghosh

A healthy food is not always expensive. There are several nutrient-rich food items available around us that do our weight and waistline a big favour without actually hurting our wallet. We have shared the list of foods that are really healthy for you and also are cheap.

In a supermarket, glittering packaged foods may promise a whole lot of body wealth, but there are cheap, unprocessed foods that give us more benefits.

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Why risk your health by seeing all that glitter when you can opt for these cheap healthy foods instead?

So, have a look at this list of 20 cheap, yet healthy, food products that we can add to our everyday diet.


1. Eggs:

The most common source of protein, eggs are also one of the cheapest food items. Just an omelette or a boiled egg can make your modest meal a great one.


2. Fish:

A Rohu weighing a kilo costs around Rs 160, which again makes it quite a cheap but protein-rich source for your diet. Have fish diets multiple times in a week and it still helps.


3. Chicken:

At Rs 180 a kilogram, chicken is another popular source of protein which keeps us healthy. Be it with curry or vegetable stew, home-made chicken dishes are always good than the ones you prefer eating outside.


4. Potatoes:

They are perhaps the most common diet ingredients. However, it is not right to discount them off because of the starch content. Potatoes also have a rich content of several nutrients.


5. Natural peanut butter:

Have real peanut butter instead of the processed ones with whole-grain bread, yogurt, carrots or garlic, etc. This is an inexpensive ingredient which is rich in terms of food value.


6. Cabbage:

Very low in calorie content, cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable that is a nutrient-rich agent to fight cancer; and the best part is, it comes at a humble price of just Rs 16 a kilo.


7. Peanuts with shell:

You can have these natural products from even a roadside vendor and guard yourself against cardiovascular diseases. Their fibre content also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.


8. Bananas:

Yes, their prices are increasing nowadays (Rs 30-40 a kilo), but still it is worth to befriend a banana, as it keeps your system clean and green.


9. Carrots:

These bright-coloured vegetables come at a cheap price but they do provide a whole lot of health benefits. You spend Rs 48 for a kilogram of carrots and get the much-needed vitamins A and K.


10. Dried lentils:

Containing protein and fibre, these easy-to-cook food items also come among the cheap but healthy ingredients, even though their prices have increased of late.


11. Brown rice:

This variety of rice may be more expensive than the white one, but in terms of nutrition, it is far healthy. Worth the investment, we must say.


12. Apples:

More than their own prices, apples will at least help you save the doctor's fees. Full of antioxidants, apples have a number of health benefits, including reducing age-related ailments and giving a green heart.


13. Oats:

A popular and cheap breakfast item, oats can be consumed in a variety of ways. The fibre content in them makes them one of the healthiest foods in the world. You can also have them with chicken or turkey breast.


14. Yogurt:

Have plain yogurt or curd made in your home. Nothing beats the nutritional value of this food. Save fat as well as money. This is one of the cheap foods that you can actually add to your everyday diet.


15. Milk:

A basic food product which keeps us running, thanks to its rich calcium and protein content. A glass of skim milk with a fruit gives you the nutrition of a full snack.


16. Almonds:

They have rich content of fibre, protein and vitamin E that benefit our heart's functioning. Have them raw after picking them from the store at a nominal price.


17. Garlic and onion:

They smell, but help too. Go for the raw pieces instead of the processed bottle products. These everyday kitchen ingredients help lower cholesterol and blood clotting and also fight cancer.


18. Sweet potatoes:

These delicious root vegetables come cheap and provide fibre and antioxidants. Now, a must add healthy food that is cheap to your regular diet.


19. Spinach:

Another green leafy vegetable that offers you several nutrients like vitamins, calcium and iron, etc., but at a nominal price is spinach.


20. Water:

Yes, if we really consider this as a food. Its consumption keeps our body clean and hydrated. Price? know, wouldn't you?

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