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Sankranti 2021: 10 Ways To Consume Less Calories On Pongal


You must know how to eat less at festivals. You need to have a strategy. Otherwise, you will regret celebrating all the festivals in the year. Most of us would love to munch all the festival special dishes and that is why we wait for festivals. But the next day, we tend to regret overeating when the excess calories start showing up in the midsection. So, are there any tips to eat less? Of course, yes.

Consuming less is all about controlling your carvings. But if you are not able to control your cravings then here are some ideas that explain how to eat less. Some of them may work well and some others might not work well. Focus on the ideas that work well for you. Most of the time, we overeat without knowing. So, these ideas help you to eat less without realising that you are eating less. That is why they might work well. Try them out.


Eat in a very small plate

Yes, this makes a lot of difference. Eating in a big plate generally makes you eat a lot. If you try to serve less on a big plate, the empty space in the plate makes you think that you have served yourself less food and you will keep adding more food to fill the plate. This is one of the best tips to eat less.


Smaller servings

Try to consume at least 25% lesser than your regular consumption. On Pongal, you tend to have festival special dishes at home. Such foods are generally high in calories. So, cutting your portion size would still be equal to your daily intake.



How to eat less? Well, drink enough water. This will help you feel full. But don't start drinking kheer in the place of water as it is high in calories.


Consume a protein rich breakfast on Pongal

How to eat less? Well, a breakfast that is high on protein will help you curb your cravings for some time. This will help you consume less when the pongal-special dishes are served to you.


Taste all the dishes

A good idea is to taste all the dishes in small quantities so that your family members will not be disappointed.


Don't try the 6-small-meals plan on Pongal

The problem with this plan is that your small meals will end up being big as the Pongal dishes are too tasty to eat in small quantities. So, go for 3 meals on that day instead of 6 meals.


Go out

If all the Pongal dishes are kept in front of you, it would be tough to control yourself. A good plan is to go out for a movie and come back home in the evening. This will help you escape the temptation of all those yummy foods.


Don't watch TV

On the day of Pongal, all TV channels generally come up with many special programs. If you sit and watch all of those programs while eating, you will surely accumulate a lot of fat.


Eat nuts

How to eat less calories on Pongal? Well, here is the best idea. Eat a few peanuts or walnuts and drink some water. You can curb your appetite for some time using this method. But ensure that you don't end up eating too many nuts.


Do some work

It is good to eat less on rest days. Actually, Pongal is a holiday for you. A good way to avoid weight gain is to engage in some activity. Choose a pending task and finish it. You can work in your garden or wash your car. It can be anything that burns your additional calories.