Chipoholics: Try These Healthy Alternatives Of Potato Chips

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Experts in nutrition battle whether food addictions are "real" and if it is the same way as substance addictions like cocaine, nicotine, alcohol and gambling. These experts also state that food addiction is interesting because it involves both substances and behavior.

Today, many of us have an addiction towards potato chips. This crunchy, fried junk food is a serious issue for those who don't have the ability to stop at just 'one'. An over consumption of potato chips leads to obesity, increase in cholesterol, heart diseases and diabetes.

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Potato chips contain 6 elements which are calories, fat, carbohydrates, preservatives, salt and acrylamide. These properties in potato chips lack to provide the body with nutrition and vitamins, which eventually make the immune system weak.

Studies show one can come out of this potato addiction by trying out healthier alternatives of potato chips. Listed below are a few alternatives of potato chips. Nutritionists state, overeating these alternatives are relatively healthier since they contain proteins unlike the normal bag of salted chips.

Here are some alternatives of potato chips, you can indulge in right away. Take a look at the healthier choices of potato chips, which are listed below:


Apple Chips

Apples are rich in protein. The fruit also contains a high amount of antioxidants and nutrients which are good for health. Cut an apple into thin or fine slices. Evenly spread a teaspoon of honey over the slices and bake it.


Banana Chips

This healthy chips are popular in South India. Made with coconut oil, turmeric, banana and salt, it is indeed one of the better options to try out when compared to potato chips. Take a look at the recipe.


Jackfruit Chips

Nutritionists suggest one should switch to jackfruit chips if they are a chipoholic. Jackfruit is a healthier option since this fruit contains less amount of calories and good fats. Consumption of jackfruit also aids in boosting the immune system.


Pear Chips

Another alternative for potato chips is pear chips. Wild pears are used to prepare chips since they are not juicy. Dice a pear into half, and slice it finely to pieces. Fry the pieces in olive oil and remove the excess oil. Consume this healthy chips with a cinnamon dip.


Pineapple Chips

For those with a sweet tooth and have a craving for potato chips, try out this alternative. Pineapple slices are fried in olive oil. This alternative to potato chips is healthy as pineapple cuts fat in the body, and olive oil is good for the heart.


Cucumber Chips

Cucumber chips are light and yummy. Cucumbers are best to add to a weight loss diet. These chips require only a pinch of pepper and salt while baking.


Bittergourd Chips

Since this vegetable is bitter in nature, most people refrain to consume it. However, fried bittergourd chips are healthy since they contain properties that aid in weight loss. It is also a good alternative for diabetics.

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