Foods That Kill Libido

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Do you know that one in every seven men tend to suffer low libido levels due to many reasons? When your drive is affected due to other reasons like health problems or stress, you might search for other ways but what if there are some foods that kill male libido? You would first try to control your consumption of such foods, right?

Well, in this post let us talk about such foods. We all know that certain foods like garlic enhance the blood circulation and they may thereby enhance the libido. On the other side of the coin, there are foods that impact the circulation and they may spoil your libido.

Not only that, foods that fill you with stress and anxiety may also trouble your libido levels. Are you wondering how foods really make you anxious? Well, drink a cup of coffee and you will realise that caffeine can excite you and also make you feel anxious when it is consumed in large quantities.

Now, let us discuss about other such foods that kill libido.


Excessive Caffeine Intake

Too much of caffeine in your system may simply increase your anxiety levels and may kill your libido and desire.



Most of the mint gums may contain menthol which is said to affect the testosterone levels. When men lack enough of T-levels, their libido may go for a toss.


Carbonated Beverages

The problem with most of the carbonated beverages is that they may affect your libido by affecting certain chemical reactions in the body.



Health experts need to still study this aspect clearly as there are conflicting opinions. Some say that chocolate can enhance the desire whereas some say that too much of it robs your libido.


The Water In Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles could be dangerous for your health and libido. Certain studies claim that the BPA levels in bottled water may affect libido and fertility.


Canned Foods

Even these foods are among the foods that kill your libido. Most of the canned foods contain high levels of Sodium which isn't a great thing for your libido.



Both alcohol and tobacco can affect your libido in many ways. Both of them are libido killers. It is better to stay away from such habits if you desire for healthy sex life.

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