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Attention! Never Throw These Super Healthy Food Parts

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Foods are altogether healthy; however, we make the mistake of throwing out some food parts in the thrash. We assume that they are not so healthy and as a nasty rule throw them in a dust bin. Do you know that these thrown food parts are super healthy for you and you are actually committing a grave mistake by throwing them away.

Increase the value of your purchased food by simply not throwing away the food parts that are considered as a waste, mostly in India. If you see, people in foreign countries avail the benefits of these food parts that we consider as scrap. This is the secret for their glowing skin, healthy body and increased physical strength. Stay Young With These Foods

For now, never commit the mistake of throwing these food parts, as they are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, fibres, minerals, etc, even more than the main food pulp. Consider cooking, making soup, salad, juice or smoothie from these discarded but healthy food parts.

Have a look at these super healthy food parts that should never be thrown.7 Foods That Should Not Be Reheated


Potato Skins

Do you know that potato skin has more benefits than the potato. The skin or potato peel contains about half the potato's fibre. It also contains calcium, vitamins B complex, vitamin C, iron, etc. Cook your potatoes along with the peel, but after carefully washing and soaking them in warm water.


The Leaves And Stalks Of Broccoli

The leaves of broccoli contain carotenoids, a source of vitamin A, which has cancer-preventing properties. You must cook the broccoli along with its leaves and stalks. Else you can make a soup, juice or simply fry them.


Onion Peel And Garlic Bark

They are rich in an antioxidant agent known as quercetin. It relieves body inflammation and fights against allergy. You can add the bark during cooking and remove it later at the time of serving food. This antioxidant gets leached into the food and makes it more healthy. This is one of the super healthy food parts that should not be thrown.


Turnip And Carrot Greens

These green leaves are rich in calcium, magnesium, niacin, iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin K, antioxidants, etc. They help fight colon cancer and make your bones strong.


Watermelon Rind

Watermelon rind is white or green in colour and contains a substance called citronella. This is an amino acid that increases blood circulation and dilates the blood vessels. So, it is good for high blood pressure and also diabetes. You can make a smoothie by mixing it with the melon pulp in a blender.


Kiwi Fruit's Skin

Another super healthy food part that is thrown away is the kiwi fruit's skin. The dark brown hairy peel of kiwi fruit is rich in fibres and nutrients than the pulp. It is also rich in vitamin C and has anti-cancer properties. You can make a kiwi juice along with its peel.


Celery Leaves

Celery leaves have five times more calcium and magnesium than the stems. The leaves are also loaded with vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants. Celery leaves keep your heart healthy, delay ageing, normalise high blood pressure and also fight against the cancer-causing factors.


Watermelon Seeds

Next time, don't spit the seeds out, as they have more benefits than the melon. People from Middle East eat them along with the watermelon flesh. Watermelon peels are rich in iron, zinc, copper and magnesium. They prevent infertility, are good for the heart and can make your skin and hair healthy.

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