Types Of Milk & Its Health Benefits

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Milk is one of the most important drinks you should add to your daily diet. A cup of milk will help you in ways you cannot imagine. Milk which contains high amounts of calcium, vitmains and other such properties will only increase your bone density and make you a stronger being.

After a child passes a certain age, a parent should make sure that they consume different types of milk too. If you must know that cow's milk is not the only milk which is available in the market. With the different types of milk that is listed below, you can also prepare it at home. Oat, rice and cashew milk can be easily prepared at home, if you know the components to add.


Today, there are kids who are allergic to cow's milk and parents often wonder what to do in case of this situation. Apart from cow's milk, there are other substitutes you can opt for. The different types of milk and their health benefits have been listed below by Boldsky.

Take a look at some of these types of milk and their benefits. You will be shocked to see how beneficial these types of milk are for you and for your child's growth.


Cow Milk

It is a known fact that cow's milk is one of the best and highly recommended among the rest. The health benefits of milk from a cow helps to increase bone density and good for growing children.


Soya Milk

There is no animal fat in this milk which is therefore one of the best milk after cow's milk. Soya is rich in protein and fibre which is good to consume. Cancer patients should add soya milk to their daily diet to kill the cells.


Almond Milk

Almond milk is good source of magnesium and is one of the best milk to consume to increase your bone density. The health benefits of milk from almonds also helps to improve your immune system.


Rice Milk

Do you know the health benefits of milk emitted from rice? People are unaware that it is through this rice milk which will help you lose weight fast. Those of you who are on a weight loss diet, opt for rice milk!


Coconut Milk

The best health benefits of milk from coconuts is creamy, dairy-free alternative which is good for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to animal milk.


Cashew Milk

a quarter of a cup of cashews supplies almost 38 percent of the recommended daily intake copper. The benefits of milk from cashews is good for developing bone and connective tissue.


Hemp Milk

If you are allergic to nuts, then hemp milk is the best for you to opt for. The health benefits of milk from the hemp plant is that it helps to improve in your immunity as it contains high amounts of omega fatty acids.


Oat Milk

Do you know why many opt for oat milk? The health benefits of milk obtained from oats is that it is cholesterol and lactose free which indeed is the best option for you to choose from.


Buffalo Milk

It is thick and creamier in nature. It is said that buffalo milk has a lower cholesterol count and more protein, calcium, iron and phosphorous which will make you feel ten times more healthier.


Goat Milk

Goat's milk is one of the best alternatives to cow's milk. The health benefits of milk obtained from a goat is much higher than cow's milk. Goat's milk helps to prevent Alzheimer disease as it has higher levels in calcium than that of cow's milk.

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