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5 Reasons Why Sardines Are A Must-Have


Sardines are one of the most popular and widely available fish varieties, and provides some great health benefits too. They are readily available in the market, and is cheap when compared to other fish varieties.

If you are a non vegetarian and have been to South India, especially Kerala, you would have for sure tasted the unique and tasty delicacies that are made from sardines.

5 Reasons Why Sardines Are A Must-Have

Sardines are considered to be one of the healthiest edible varieties of fish for umpteen reasons. From being a powerhouse of minerals, vitamins and calcium, its health benefits are too good to miss by any non vegetarian.

It is said that sardines are contaminated to a large extent because they have a higher mercury content. But the fact is, this fish variety is low in the oceanic food chain, and hence has a lesser content of contaminated stuff thus making it edible.

So here, Boldsky gives you five reasons why you would not want to miss sardines in your diet.

Storehouse of minerals

Benefits of eating sardines are many. This fish is a storehouse of nutrition. If you think your regular diet is filled with minerals, you got the facts wrong. A normal diet that you take is not usually rich in many of the important nutrients needed by the body.

Sardines are definitely a treat to your taste buds and a source of good minerals too. It contains a good amount of iron, calcium and phosphorous in it. Potassium, that helps in counteracting the blood pressure, is also present in sardines. It also contains Vitamin D, that helps in making the bones stronger.

Prevents risk of heart problems

Sardines are ranked as one of the world's best source for Vitamin B12, a nutrient which helps in cardiovascular activities. Hence, making it very healthy. Sardines help in preventing heart diseases and blood clots, which is yet another health benefit of this fish. They are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids that controls heart attacks.

Controls risk of Colorectal cancer

Sardines help in controlling many diseases. Did you know that it actually helps in reducing the risk of cancer? Yes, you heard that right. The intake of Vitamin D and calcium is said to help in preventing colorectal cancer.

Rich in Proteins

Yet another benefit of eating sardines is that it is rich in proteins. They contain amino acids, and hence serves as a basis for many body activities. Along with keeping the immune system strong, sardines facilitate in delivering oxygen flow in the body.

Helps reduce risk of Age- related diseases

Age- related Macular Degeneration is a disease that is seen mostly in people who are above 50 years. According to this condition, one loses vision as years pass by. Studies have proved that those who eat sardine are less prone to this disease.

So if you are a non vegetarian foodie, then make sure that some sardine is on your plate in your next meal. Sardines can be cooked in gravy or can be deep fried as well. If you are on diet then make sure you use less oil while cooking sardine.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 16, 2014, 20:41 [IST]
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