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Fish Or Meat: Which Is Healthier?

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Most vegetarians think that non-vegetarians are a homogeneous group. As far as they are concerned, non-vegetarians are all meat-eating beasts. So, how does it matter what animal they choose to kill. However, non-vegetarians are not a homogeneous group by any means. Some non-vegetarians eat chicken but not red meat. Some non-vegetarians prefer fish over meat. The distinctions are really very wide. Even from the health perspective, you wonder if fish or meat is healthier for you. In fact, most non-vegetarians have this question, fish or meat, which has more protein?


So, if you are trying to decide which is a better food option for you, you need to get all the details about whether fish or meat is healthier for you. There will be different perspectives to this. Both fish and meat have their own set of health benefits. However, on a scale of 1 to 10, you should be able to tell whether fish is healthier than meat or vice verse.

Here are some points that will help you decide whether fish or meat is the healthier option for you.


Fish Has Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish has omega-3 fatty acids or good fats that are missing in meat. Good fats or cholesterol help to protect the heart from the bad effects of trans fats. And only fish has these omega-3 fatty acids.


Protein Source

Fish has more protein per grams than meat. The difference is very slight but most people say that they feel fuller after having fish than they do after having chicken.


Amino Acids

As far as amino acids are concerned, meat has a wide variety of amino acids. As you know, amino acids are the building blocks of muscles. So, if you are looking to build muscle mass, meat is your protein of choice.


Method Of Cooking

There is no point in discussing whether fish or meat is healthier unless you also say how they are being cooked. If you deep fry fish, it loses all its nutrients and the same goes for chicken as well. However, the proteins in fish get denatured quickly. Grilling is the best way to have either fish or meat.


Fish Has Mercury

Fish lives in water and this water is often polluted with mercury. Many people have died of mercury poisoning after eating fish for long periods of time.


Chicken Has Injected Hormones

But in case of meat as well, organic is a rare thing. Most chickens are chemically fed with hormones to fatten them these days. They are thus not very healthy either.


Sea Minerals

Fish that are caught fresh from the sea, especially shell fish, have loads of healthy sea salts and minerals in them. These minerals are missing in meat.


Which Types?

There is wide range of variety in fish as well as meat. All types of fish have different nutrient value and the same goes for meat. For example, fish and chicken have almost the same nutrient value. But fish is definitely healthier than red meat.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 12, 2014, 13:29 [IST]
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