15 Zinc-Rich Foods For Men

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We all know that zinc is a trace mineral when it comes to foods. This means that zinc is present in selected foods and in very small amounts. The body needs very minor quantity of zinc but cannot function without it. So, you need to get zinc from different food sources to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As there are very few zinc rich foods, it becomes difficult to get sufficient amount of this trace mineral.

Zinc has many health benefits. According to medical experts, zinc can actually help cure diabetes. That is why it is important to concentrate on eating appropriate amount of zinc rich foods. Zinc is also essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. It prevents dandruff and a hoard of other skin diseases. Even men needs to have foods that are rich in zinc to maintain the testosterone (male hormone) levels.

A deficiency of zinc is mostly seen in vegetarians. This is because most of the foods that are rich in zinc are non-vegetarian. Red meat is one of the primary sources of zinc in our food. However, vegetarians need not feel lost. Some vegan foods too contain zinc. This trace mineral can be found in superfoods like spinach and a number of seeds like sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.

So, here are some of the best sources of zinc. Men must also include these foods in their diet.


Egg Yolk

Earlier doctors asked people to avoid egg yolks because they have cholesterol. However, egg yolk has many health benefits and high zinc content is just one of them.


Sesame Seeds

A lot of seeds are very rich in zinc. Sesame seeds are one of the healthiest seeds that are rich in many minerals including zinc and calcium.



Seafood is famous for being a good source of zinc. Oysters have high zinc content and they bring many essential sea minerals to your plate.



Until and unless you are allergic, gorge on as many peanuts as you like. Peanuts have good cholesterol and also boosts zinc content. Just avoid fried or salted peanuts.


Beef Liver

Any kind of liver is usually packed with nutrients including iron, calcium, zinc etc. Beef liver is particularly nutritious when you are looking for zinc.



Garlic is a spice that is known for its zinc content and that contributes to its anti-fungal properties.


Red Meat

Red meat, especially lamb and beef gives you a very high amount of zinc per unit. Men can also get an extra dose of proteins from lean red meat.



Mushrooms that were once considered inedible are being called superfoods now. They are rich in many vital minerals including zinc.


Flax seeds

Another one in the list of seeds that contain zinc. Flax seeds are also one of the vegan sources of omega-3 fatty acids.


Kidney Beans

These dried legumes from the bean family have many health benefits. They are rich in proteins and have a boost of zinc. But have them in moderation because they are very fattening too.



Any kind of seafood is known to be rich in zinc. But among the various shell-fish, crabs are your best bet. Have grilled and roasted crab meat to keep your testosterone levels regulated.


Brown Rice

Whole grains usually have a rich content of zinc. Since brown rice can be called unrefined whole grain, it is rich in zinc.



Spinach is definitely the healthiest green leafy vegetable. Apart from vitamin K, calcium and iron, it also gives you oodles of zinc.


Dark Chocolate

Among chocolates, the highest amount of zinc can be found in unsweetened cocoa. Additionally, it also calms your nerves and lightens your mood.


Pumpkin Seeds

You may find the idea of having pumpkin seeds weird but it is considered a healthy snack in Gulf countries. Not only does it give you zinc but is also very low in calories and has zero fats.

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