The Super Health Benefits Of Quinoa

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Usually we do not look at carbohydrates as sources of great health. There is this misconception among people that only proteins can be healthy, that too provided they are lean. However, we must not forget that your body needs carbs too. But what kind of carbs you give your body is your choice. You can choose to eat whole grains that have less of starch and more of fibre if you want to be healthy.

Speaking of whole grains, have you heard of the numerous health benefits of quinoa? It is being called the food of the future. The whole grain quinoa has enough health benefits to be counted among superfoods now.

So before you replace rice and wheat in your diet with quinoa, know all its health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Quinoa

Health Benefits Of Quinoa


Quinoa is the only whole grain that has a very high protein content. So not only do you get carbs from this grain, you also get some tissue building proteins. Besides, quinoa is rich in all the 9 essential amino acids. You can have quinoa even as a body building food to strengthen your muscles.

Dietary Fibres

Among all other food grains, quinoa has the highest amount of dietary fibres. It is classic example of 'fibrous' carbohydrate. Your body will have to work hard to break down quinoa and thus it becomes less fattening. Other than that, eating quinoa also improves your bowel movements.

Rich In Iron

Quinoa is a great food for women. Indian women suffer from anaemia because of a diet that is lacking in iron. If quinoa is used to replace common carbs like wheat and rice, women will not suffer from iron deficiency to such a large extent.


Quinoa is a gluten-free carbohydrate. It has a lot less starch that other grains like rice. Starch is the simplest form of sugar and fats. The less starchy food you eat, the more likely you are to lose weight, So quinoa is great diet food for those who are trying to lose weight.

Reserves Of Riboflavin

Quinoa is rich in the Vitamin B2 that is also known as riboflavin. This vitamin is every useful because it helps in energy metabolism. Vitamin B2 helps your body and especially brain cells generate energy. So basically, you are fitter and more active when you eat quinoa.

Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are required by the body in very small amounts. But the trouble is that the sources of trace minerals are very rare. Quinoa has the trace mineral called manganese. This mineral protects the cells from damage and also functions as an antioxidant.

These are some the important health benefits of quinoa. So are you making the healthy change to this whole grain today?

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Story first published: Friday, June 14, 2013, 22:26 [IST]
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